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• 7/21/2016

New page for remedies?

I was thinking about making a page for Cassie Nightingale's remedies that she gives to people. I find it interesting. I was thinking it would look something like this (these are all from S1E1 as an example):

Cassie's remedies by use:

Arthritis - Dried avocado and soybean with boswellia (S1E1)

Unknown Mixture - Ginseng, licorice root, yohimbine (S1E1)

Ingredients Cassie explained:

Boswellia - Derived from the gum of Boswellia trees native to India

Yohimbine - Bark from a west African tree

I think we'd have to have some kind of disclaimer though about anyone trying to use these remedies.


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• 2/17/2017
I love this idea. I think it would be great to also list the medicinal properties of the "ingredients"
• 7/7/2017

Ashwagandha!  This was on her latest aired show on July 2nd!  This stuff is amazing!

Dandelion Root, Beet Root & Chicory Root tea!  Taste like the best coffee ever!  You can buy on Amazon called Dandy Blend!

Use Essential Oils Every Day!  

• 11/28/2018

Yes! Please! Is anyone updating this? Please?

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