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• 6/30/2017

Cassie Nightingale's Sixth Sense

What some people would call sixth sense is what Cassie Nightingale seem to charmed. What do you thing is she charmed other sense with her experience growing up?
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• 6/5/2018

She's not "charmed." Hallmark purposefully leaves her perception and intuition a vague trait. She grew up as a carnival worker, so you could compare her to a Mentalist, doing personality readings, with a heightened sense of observational skills. She had to grow up quickly at a young age, especially given that she ran away from her foster home. She matured as an adult, and has used her skills and intellect to make a way for herself. I would say she was much more daring and wreckless, because it's most definitely not smart to just run away. In most cases, runaways are lured into human trafficking. She was lucky

• 6/7/2018

What the merriwikcs have is not magic It is more then intuition. It is one thing to have a feeling about something. But what the merriwicks do is take something an time the reveal so people are amazed. Grace had a good word for it. She called it Merriwicking up the situation. It is also the difference between Cassie and Abigail. Cassie lets the situation happen. Abigail tries to direct the situation. 

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