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Adam Hawkins is a recurring character in the Good Witch television series.

The charming and unbearably good-looking chaplain at Hillcrest Hospital, Adam strikes an immediate connection with Stephanie Borden and the two embark on an interesting friendship.


Adam was engaged to Melanie until their engagement ended abruptly. He moved to Middleton to help people and coach softball. He quickly became the most eligible and prestigious bachelors in town. Despite his popularity, Adam primarily stayed to himself and didn't have any strong relationships.



Adam's health takes a turn when he ignores symptoms of weakness in his arms and motor functions. This eventually leads to a paralytic episode that Sam Radford determines is the result of a tumor in his neck and spinal cord. While the surgery is tricky, Sam is confident he can operate successfully. Adam worries about the surgery and leans on Stephanie for support, with her urging him to partake in physical therapy after the surgery is completed. When he is able to recover, he is offered a mission trip overseas that is flexible for his work and surgical needs. He struggles to make a decision, especially with his relationship with Stephanie progressing rapidly. He admits to Sam that he wants to propose to Stephanie but also wants to travel on the mission trip. Whether or not he leaves Middleton is left unanswered.


Adam is a kind, appreciative, and overall good soul. He is patient and honest.

Physical Appearance[]

Adam is a very attractive man in his thirties with black hair, minimal facial hair, and attentive brown eyes. He dresses in a professional or classy style. While coaching he wears jeans and a t-shirt.


Season 5 (9/10)

Season 6 (9/10)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Adam is the coach of a junior bantam league softball team.
  • He officiated Cassie and Sam's wedding.