What makes Bell, Book and Candle special is I get to personally deal with every person who comes in. I get to know them, I find out about their problems, their needs. Middleton's my little corner of the world, I like it like that.
Cassie about Bell, Book & Candle
Bell Book and Candle2

Bell, Book & Candle also referred to "Bell Book or "The Bell Book" is an eclectic shop located on Main Street in Middleton. Cassie Nightingale opened the shop shortly after she moved into town. While the store wasn't originally embraced by the town, they came around and began to love the shop. It is now one of the most popular stores in Middleton.



Notes and Trivia

  • In the movies, Cassie's shop number is 71.
  • It is a major location in both the film series and the TV series.
  • Bell Book can be classified as a new-age shop.
  • It was founded and opened in 2008 after Cassie moved to Middleton.
  • Jake Russell was the stores first official customer.
  • Martha Tinsdale was one among the first townspeople to check out the store, although, she didn't buy anything and knocked over a display.
  • The store sells lotions, oils, soaps, and numerous other items. Cassie often uses her gift of intuition to sense which item a customer needs at the time.
  • Cassie almost lost the store when a realtor bought her location and planned to sell it to a chain coffee store. However, she was able to keep the store and her current rent thanks to the help of Ryan Elliott.

Behind the Scenes

  • Bell, Book and Candle is a 1958 film starring a good-intentioned witch. The store was deliberately named after the film as a way to pay homage to it.
  • The original set for the shop was torn down after "The Good Witch's Wonder", so the crew decided to rebuild it bigger and brighter.