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Cassie Nightingale[1]

Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale (born Sue Ellen Brock) is the lead character in the Good Witch franchise.

Cassie is the eldest descendant of the Merriwick line. She is the mother of Grace Russell, stepmother of Nick Radford, Brandon Russell, and Lori Russell, cousin of Abigail Pershing, and the wife of Sam Radford.

Orphaned at a young age, Cassie became accustomed to traveling and moving as she was passed through foster homes. She ran away and continued traveling the world and learning about many different cultures, all while honing her special gifts.

In her twenties, Cassie moved to Middleton after finding her family property. While it took time, the town welcomed Cassie and her mysterious ways. She currently owns the infamous Bell, Book & Candle shop on Main Street, as well as Grey House Bed & Breakfast.

It was in Middleton that she met, fell in love with, and married Jake Russell. Unfortunately, Jake died several years later, leaving Cassie a widow. Her relationship with Jake also brought her a father figure in George O'Hanrahan. Years later, Cassie welcomed a new neighbor in Sam Radford and his son Nick. She and Sam initially held a banter relationship due to their differing views on medicine and life, but later fell in love and were married.


Cassie was born Sue-Ellen Brock to performers Jade and Conrad Brock who traveled all over Europe. She once described the time with her parents as "magical". Every year on her parents anniversary they would fly a white kite with her parents initials sewn into it. They would laugh and play together for hours; the last time they flew the Kite, when it blew away, was "the winter before they died", according to Cassie. When Cassie was ten, Jade and Conrad prepared for a trip and Cassie had an overwhelming feeling that she would never see her parents again. She didn't say anything about her feeling and her parents died that day in a car accident. Cassie always blamed herself for never stopping her parents from leaving, which is why she always follows her intuition as an adult. Following their death, Cassie was sent into the United States foster system. She was placed with a family that had a foster son, Vincent, and the two became fast friends. They were separated but always kept in touch. Cassie was soon placed with a foster family, Doris and her husband, that was extremely strict. Their strictness, as Cassie described it, "killed the magic", so she ran away and found her unique way of living

Part of her new identity was creating a new name, which she chose to be, "Cassandra Nightingale". Cassandra attended Wellingsley College and later backpacked around the world with a group of her friends, including womanizer John Dover. John often flirted with Cassie, however, she could see through his façade, so they never crossed the line of friendship. They eventually went their separate ways and their group disbanded. Cassie gained new experiences that shaped her personality during this time of her life. She began learning about different herbs and natural remedies and the way they helped people. She traveled around the world for a while, never quite settling into one place. She learned multiple languages and pursued many career paths.

When she discovered that she had a familial property in a small town in the United States known as Middleton, she took the discovery as a sign from the universe. In 2008, Cassie moved to Middleton and into the now dilapidated Grey House. She soon decided Middleton where she belonged, at last, and that it could be her permanent home. Cassie opened her store called Bell, Book & Candle where she sold herbal remedies among numerous other items. The townspeople originally weren't welcoming to Cassie, including the mayor's wife, Martha Tinsdale, who was convinced Cassie was practicing black magic inside her shop.

Shortly after Bell, Book & Candle's opening, Cassie met Jake Russell, whose kids she had befriended after saving them from an ill-trained dog. Jake and Cassie became fast friends and later dated. The townspeople of Middleton eventually warmed up to Cassie, accepting her as their neighbor and trusted confidant. After sensing that her home could help others, she opened Grey House to the public as Grey House Bed & Breakfast. The B&B also helped her pay the remainder of her bills that Bell Book wasn't covering, and pay off the loans she had to take out to remodel Grey House. Through the bed and breakfast, Cassie was able to help several people passing through the town. She would later open and close the home to the public as needed.

In 2010, she married Jake on Christmas day, officially becoming the step-mother to his children, Brandon and Lori Russell. Meanwhile, Cassie assisted Martha in her endeavors and eventually won over the once conflicted woman. After learning about and reuniting with her long-lost cousin, Abigail Pershing, Cassie announced her pregnancy. She gave birth on October 15th, 2012 to her first child, Grace Russell. She later ran for Mayor and was elected. Despite enjoying being Mayor, Cassie resigned to spend more time with her family. Her resignation also allowed Martha to fulfill her dreams to become Mayor.

When Grace was still a young girl, Jake died in the line of duty leaving Cassie as a widow and single mother to Grace. She continued to look after his two children and maintains an active relationship with them.


Film Series[]

In the Good Witch movies, Cassie found her true home and purpose in the quaint town of Middleton. She opened her shop called Bell, Book & Candle, and immediately began building relationships and finding ways to help people. She also remodeled her ancestral home, Grey House, and restored it to its former glory with elegant interiors and beautiful, well-manicured gardens.

A romantic relationship soon developed between Cassie and Chief of Police, Jake Russell, which allowed her to bond with his family. They eventually married and welcomed a daughter of their own, Grace.

Television Series[]






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Cassie adjusts to her new life as an empty-nester with Grace away at college. She also celebrates her first wedding anniversary with Sam, their love growing stronger every day. Cassie also begins to explore who she is outside of being a mom, and starts by welcoming Joy Harper to Grey House Bed & Breakfast, patiently waiting for the woman to come around to the Merriwick's. She is frequently visited by Abigail, who is struggling with the ever-present Merriwick-Davenport curse. Cassie, for the most part, allows them to figure out how to break the curse alone. She helps Joy discover her true connection to the Merriwick family as a long lost relative of herself and Abigail. She welcomes Joy to the family and begins to get to know her new cousin.

She also begins to feel a desire to reconnect with her artistic roots and creative side. She decides to take a college-level drawing class, which then leads her to want to teach again, even guiding a few students. She pursues a job with a professor and is saddened when she doesn't get the job after all. She is later visited by the same professor who wants to give her the job, which Cassie accepts. She settles into her teaching job but struggles to connect with her students inside the classroom, despite mingling with them outside of class.

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In her personal life, Cassie slowly begins to integrate herself into the Merriwick-Davenport curse drama. Especially when Joy is conflicted over her dreams that seem to be coming true. Cassie gives her a pearl necklace that helps soothe Joy's dreams, while her painting antics begin to rub-off on Sam. She attempts to settle quarrels between Middleton residents, especially Martha and Stephanie. She spends time calming Martha's nerves and ensuring that the woman is confident in herself. Cassie also comforts Joy who is struggling with having realized she does have feelings for Carter.

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When the women in her life can't get along, she whisks them away to Chicago for a well-deserved girls trip in the hopes it bonds them. She is struck with grief when her friend and mentor Olympia dies and she must attend a memorial. The girl's trip, however, quickly turns Cassie into a mediator when Joy's friend Donna clashes heavily with Abigail. She tries to rein the women in and remind that what they all mean to one another. But first, Cassie shared her pain with everyone else who knew her friend, Olympia. Abigail and Joy accompanied her for support as it was important to Cassie that they understand, through Olympia's friends, why her friend meant so much to her. This proves to be an incredibly difficult time for Cassie, but she shows the women their inner-beauty through Olympia's last present - an amethyst filled rock.

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Cassie returns to Middleton feeling fulfilled and shares many moments with Sam that remind her that life is truly about family. Her good feelings begin to change, especially when a cloth bag filled with dirt comes into Bell, Book, and Candle. Martha is dying to know what it is, but Cassie has no idea. She offers to help Martha with her housewarming party, just as she hears that the professor she was a TA for at the art college, is on an extended sabbatical. This means that Cassie now has a permanent teaching position.

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With the frenzy of the party planning, the curse barreling to an uncertain end, and the complexities in her life, Cassie attempts to meditate with Sam. He is unable to meditate which means that Cassie can't relax, leaving her on-edge and still feeling off. None-the-less, she attends Martha's party and has a pleasant time. The curse is able to be broken leaving Abigail engaged and Cassie elated for her cousin. She returns to Grey House where Sam goes to bed early, but Cassie still feels as though something is wrong. She is looking at the purple cloth bag when Abigail and Joy enter, having received the same bags.


But she could also find the light in any situation. And always seemed to know that things were going to work out for the best, and was there for every single one of her friends whenever that happened.
Melanie about Cassie

Cassie is the embodiment of love and warmth, always having her doors open to her friends and even strangers. She listens to everyone's problems and advises them on how to proceed, showing her wisdom and unique way of helping others. She loves and forgives unconditionally, always seeing the best in people and offering help whenever she is able.

She has unique gifts of perception and intuition that she uses in very positive ways. She is extremely intelligent, cultured from her travels, and mysterious to those around her. Cassie, like everyone around her, is flawed and has trouble accepting that some people aren't good. She argues with Sam often due to his differing medical viewpoints.

Physical Appearance[]

Cassie is a beautiful woman with a slim build, glossy raven colored hair and warm brown eyes. She often wears flowing or lacy material with jeans and small boots. She enjoys accessories and playing with many different pieces to show off her wardrobe.


Cassie believes that everyone around her has "gifts" that make them special. She is extremely intuitive to the point where she can always tell who is behind her or around her just by sensing their energies. She often has strong feelings to go somewhere or send someone to a specific place within a select time frame. Some Middleton residents believe that is she psychic due to her strong feelings that almost always come true. She can specifically sense when someone she cares about is in danger, or when someone is keeping a secret from her. This flows into her shop because when customers enter she always seems to know the perfect thing to make them better.

She is also very perceptive. She can see through people's façades and where they are coming from. A guest once used a powerful spell to cloak themselves from the Merriwick women, which Cassie fell victim too, but was ultimately able to sense through. She also has the knack for giving someone the right thing at the right time which changes their life some way. Cassie also has a unique ability to understand animals and sense what they need and how she can help them.

Additionally, Cassie possesses a rare teleportation ability. She once appeared disappeared from view while someone was recording her, which prompted her to make up an excuse for the intriguing sight. She does this frequently, often surprising her new guests from behind or popping in out of nowhere with no real excuse for how she became present. She also used a form of telekinesis to open her shop door from across the room. Cassie has also used pyrokinesis on several occasions, like when she lit her fireplace. She appears to have something similar to a minor form of precognition. common examples include knowing when someone is standing behind her or about to walk through a door, and correctly predicting who will call on a phone seconds before it rings. These particular abilities are shared with Abigail.


Notes and Trivia[]

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  • In Season 1 it is stated that she speaks six languages: English, Chinese, Farsi, and 3 others.
    • In the Season 2 finale, Cassie states that she has now learned seven languages.
  • Although never directly stated, Cassie can be considered an herbologist due to her numerous herbal remedies and extensive knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.
  • Her parents were Jade and Conrad Brock.
  • Many residents of Middleton prefer to see her over doctors, as her remedies are natural and homemade.
  • Cassie is an authenticator of art and ancient artifacts.
  • She has studied in many different medical fields but is not a certified doctor in any field.
  • After college, she backpacked across China and Vietnam.
  • She enjoys cooking and baking.
  • Cassie cooks many different cultural dishes.
  • Cassie makes her ointments, lotions, soaps, and many other items that can be found in her shop.
  • Jake Russell, her husband, was her first customer at Bell, Book & Candle.
  • Even though she was married to Jake, she seemingly didn't take his last name and wasn't referred to as Cassie Russell.
  • After Jake's death, Cassie went to a dark place until she realized that she needed to let her anger go to move on with her life.
  • She put up Grey House for collateral to secure her loan for her eclectic shop, Bell, Book & Candle.
  • Cassie is a great pool player, however, she may have influenced the outcome.
  • She is incredibly hard to surprise due to her intuitive abilities.
  • Cassie dislikes cheesecake.[2]
  • She attended Wellingsley College and gave Willow her first taste of holistic medicine, which inspired Willow to open a holistic medicine course at the university.


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