Cassie Nightingale
Cassie Nightingale S5 Profile
Biographical Information
Fullname Cassandra Nightingale (legal name)
Sue-Ellen Brock (birth name)
Cassandra Nightingale Russell (married name: unused)
Nickname Cassie
Gender Female
Birthday October 24
Physical Information
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Species Witch
Family & Friends
Marital status Engaged to Sam Radford
Spouse(s) Jake Russell (husband: deceased)
Other Family
Employment Information
Series Information
First appearance The Good Witch (Film)
Starting Over...Again (TV Series)
Last appearance The Good Witch's Wonder (Film)
Portrayer Catherine Bell
Everybody can do magic.
Cassie Nightingale, The Good Witch

Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale (born Sue Ellen Brock) is the lead character of the Good Witch franchise.

Cassie owns the infamous Bell, Book & Candle shop on Main Street, as well as Grey House Bed & Breakfast.


Cassie was born Sue-Ellen Brock to performers who traveled all over Europe. She once described the time with her parents as "magical". However, both of her parents were killed in a car accident outside of Zürich when she was only a child. Following their death, Cassie was sent into the United States foster system. She was soon placed with a foster family, Doris and her husband, that was extremely strict. Their strictness, as Cassie described it, "killed the magic", so she ran away and found her own unique way of living

She attended college at an unnamed university and backpacked around the world with a group of her friends. She gained new experiences that shaped her personality, and she began learning about many different herbs and natural remedies and the way they helped people. She traveled around the United States for a while, never quite settling into one place.

When she discovered that she had familial property in a small town named Middleton, she took the discovery as a sign to move there. She moved into Grey House in 2008 and decided that it was where she belonged, at last. Cassie later opened her own store called the Bell, Book & Candle where she sold herbal remedies among numerous other things.

The townspeople originally weren't open to Cassie, including the mayoral candidate, Martha Tinsdale. After opening her store, she met Jake Russell and the two became fast friends and later dated. The townspeople of Middleton also warmed up to Cassie, accepting her as their neighbor and trusted friend. Meanwhile, Cassie ran for Mayor and was elected and later resigned and allowed Martha to become Mayor.

She then married Jake Russell becoming step-mother to his two children, Brandon and Lori Russell. After sensing that her home could help others, she opened Grey House to the public as a bed and breakfast. Through the bed and breakfast, she was able to help a number of people passing through the town. She opened and closed the home to the public as she needed to.

Later in her married life, Cassie became pregnant and gave birth to their first child together, Grace Russell. After many wonderful years of being married, Jake died in the line of duty leaving Cassie as a widow and single mother to Grace and his two children.


Good Witch film series

In the Good Witch movies, Cassie found her true home and purpose in the quaint town of Middleton. She opened her own shop called Bell, Book & Candle, and immediately began building relationships and finding ways to help people. She also remodeled her ancestral home, Grey House, and restored it to its former glory with elegant interiors and beautiful, well-manicured gardens.

A romantic relationship soon developed between Cassie and Chief of Police, Jake Russell, which gave her the opportunity to bond with his family. They eventually married and welcomed a daughter of their own, Grace.

Good Witch television series






But she could also find the light in any situation. And always seemed to know that things were going to work out for the best, and was there for every single one of her friends whenever that happened.
Melanie about Cassie

Cassie is the embodiment of love and warmth, always having her doors open to her friends and even strangers. She listens to everyone's problems and advises them on how to proceed, showing her wisdom and unique way of helping others. She loves and forgives unconditionally, always seeing the best in people and offering help whenever she is able.

She has unique gifts of perception and intuition that she uses in very positive ways. She is extremely intelligent, cultured from her travels, and mysterious to those around her. Cassie, like everyone around her, is flawed and has trouble accepting that some people aren't good. She argues with Sam often due to his differing medical viewpoints.

Physical Appearance

Cassie is a beautiful woman with a slim build, glossy raven colored hair and warm brown eyes. She often wears flowing or lacy material with jeans and small boots. She enjoys accesories and playing with a number of different pieces to show off her wardrobe.


Cassie believes that everyone around her has "gifts" that make them special. For Cassie, she is extremely intuitive to the point where she can always tell who is behind her or around her just by sensing it. She often has strong feelings to go somewhere or send someone to a specific place and time. Some people believe that is she psychic due to her strong feelings that almost always come true. She can specifically sense when someone she cares about is in danger, or when someone is keeping a secret from her. This flows into her shop because when customers enter she always seems to know the perfect thing to make them better.

She is also very perceptive. She can see through people's façades and where they are coming from. She also has the knack for giving someone the right thing at the right time which changes their life some way. Cassie also has a unique ability to understand animals and sense what they need and how she can help them.



Television Series

Season 1 (8/8)

Season 2 (10/10)

Season 3 (10/10)

Season 4 (10/10)

Season 5 (10/10)

Notes and Trivia

  • For a list of your favorite Cassie Nightingale quotes, please go here!
  • In Season 1 it is stated that she speaks six languages: English, Chinese, Farsi, and 3 others.
    • In the Season 2 finale, she states that she has now learned seven languages.
  • Although never directly stated, Cassie can be considered an herbologist due to her numerous herbal remedies and extensive knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.
  • Many residents of Middleton prefer to see her over doctors, as her remedies are natural and homemade.
  • She is an authenticator of art and ancient artifacts.
  • Cassie has studied in many different medical fields but is not a certified doctor in any field.
  • After college, she backpacked across China and Vietnam.
  • She enjoys cooking and baking.
  • Cassie cooks many different cultural dishes.
  • Jake was her first customer at the Bell, Book & Candle.
  • Even though she was married to Jake, she seemingly didn't take his last name and wasn't referred to as Cassie Russell.
  • She put Grey House up for collateral to secure her loan for the Bell, Book & Candle.



  1. A conversation between Cassie and Joseph occurs in Episode 2.01 (41:54):
    • Joseph: "My great-grandfather, Henry, was engaged to your great grandmother."
    • Cassie: "Laurel Merriwick".
    Presumably, Laurel is the daughter of Elizabeth Merriwick.