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Derek Sanders is the current Chief of the Middleton police force. He initially served as a lieutenant to the former police chief, Jake Russell. Since Jake's death, Derek has become the chief of police with Brandon next-in-line to be his next lieutenant.


Derek was presumably born and raised in Middleton. He began working at the Middleton police department rather early. He was quickly promoted and became lieutenant to the police chief, Jake Russell, who he worked closely with. He quickly befriended Cassie Nightingale, and was one of the few people that didn't jump to conclusions about her and was seemingly on her side.

After Jake's tragic death in the line of duty, Derek assumed the position of Chief of the Middleton police department. He began working closely with Martha Tinsdale, who was the Mayor at the time. He then began training Jake's eldest child and son, Brandon Russell, to become his next lieutenant.

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Personable and light-hearted, Derek is committed to his job and often works long hours when others ask him too. He is intelligent and is able to solve crimes and find quick solutions to complex issues. Derek often keeps the mayor in check and is friends with Martha, who relies heavily on him to solve crimes that directly affect the town. Derek is almost always happy and optimistic but can be serious when he needs to be or if the situation requires him to act a certain way.

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