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Dylan Tinsdale is the son of Martha and Tom Tinsdale, and the brother of Michael Tinsdale. As a teenager, he was often getting into trouble with his brother and took his mother's opinions of people to heart. He eventually grew out of this phase and became a successful businessman who married a beautiful woman. He just had his first child with his wife, Claire.


Dylan is the son of Martha and Tom Tinsdale, and the brother of Michael. He was a reckless child, often leading his brother in their escapades. They vandalized storefronts and took their mother's views on people to heart, which led them to be jaded and unwelcoming to outsiders. When he was caught by Cassie Nightingale, he was forced to do community service which changed his ways.

Throughout Series[]

The Good Witch[]

Dylan, alongside his brother Michael, vandalized Cassie Nightingale's new age shop, Bell, Book & Candle. They tried to chase her out of Middleton as their mother's negative views on Cassie impacted them and made them believe Cassie was an Evil witch. The brothers were caught by Cassie and Chief Russell. Jake wanted to press charges against the boys and encouraged Cassie to make that choice. While she initially wasn't sure how to proceed, she dropped the charges against them. To repay her, the boys had to clean up the store and help Cassie reopen it.

Good Witch[]

In "The Mandala", Dylan arrived in Middleton with his wife Claire, though he had to travel to Chicago for two days on business. Before he left, the couple announced that they are expecting their first child.


Physical Appearance[]

As a teenager, Dylan was a tall yet lanky boy with shaggy blonde hair and green eyes. As an adult, Dylan is still tall but has a fuller figure and broad shoulders. He has combed brown hair and hazel eyes.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Dylan only appeared once in the film saga, in the first film "The Good Witch".
  • His appearance in "The Mandala" is the first time he is seen since his film appearance.
  • According to his mom he came two weeks early for his birth "The Party".