Elizabeth Merriwick
Elizabeth Merriwick-TGW
Biographical Information
Fullname Elizabeth Merriwick
Nickname The Grey Lady
Gender Female
Birthday October 24
Physical Information
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Species Witch
Family & Friends
Marital status In love with Edward Whymark
  • Catherine Merriwick (mother)
  • Laurel Merriwick (daughter)
Other Family
Employment Information
  • Traveler
  • Airplane pilot
  • Author of short stories
Affiliation Grey House
Series Information
First appearance The Good Witch (film: portrait)
Starting Over...Again (TV series: portrait)
Portrayer Unknown

Elizabeth Merriwick (fl.1930s) is best known and referred to as The Grey Lady is the former owner of Grey House. She is the ancestor of Cassie Nightingale.

Biography Edit

Elizabeth was born in Middleton and became known throughout her hometown of Middleton as "The Grey Lady" due to her monotone and grey clothing choices. She resided in her family home, which was nicknamed Grey House after its grey walls and it blended with Elizabeth's nickname. The house was one of the first ones built in the town, and perhaps, the most mysterious location in all of Middleton. Elizabeth was labeled a witch by the town for her mixtures and gifts, however, she embraced the label and became an important member of the community.

In 1886, Elizabeth's father was the Mayor of Middleton while Elizabeth remained the manager of Grey House. It was during this time that she met and fell in love with Cotton Perriwood, who had unique prophetic abilities. Cotton and Elizabeth were soon engaged when Cotton predicted the bridge collapse and was accused of using magic to influence the outcome. He was chased out of Middleton and banned from the town forever, forcing the pair to separate permanently and they were never allowed to speak again.

Elizabeth wrote a series of short stories inspired by her life and leaning on the romantic notions that many people believed she possessed. She published the books and gave them to the local library as a gift. After the publication of her short stories, she chose to travel around the world going on all sorts of adventures. She flew planes, traveled to other countries, and did a number of other things that women weren't traditionally supposed to do.

She resided in Grey House for a good portion of her life but decided to run away with her lover, presumably Edward Whymark, to Texas. It was in Texas that she settled in and created a new life for herself, allowing Grey House to become abandoned until one of her descendants would take over the deed.

Throughout Series Edit

The Good Witch Film Series Edit

Cassie and Jake observed a painting of Elizabeth that was over the mantle, and Jake told Cassie that she resembled Elizabeth. Later, Martha was telling a story about Grey House when Cassie arrived and finished the story about Elizabeth and her lover, Charles Hamlet. According to Martha, there are multiple versions of the story. At the end of the film, Cassie told Jake that she is the great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Merriwick.

Lori discovered a book about Elizabeth, that stated that Elizabeth had suddenly gone missing the night of her birthday - October 24th, the same birthday as Cassie's. Cassie also referred to Elizabeth as her great-aunt.

In her early years, she was said to have met and fallen in love with naval Captain Charles Hamlet, and they were together for two months, experiencing what Cassie called, "love at first sight" before he was called into duty. Charles never returned and Elizabeth was heartbroken. She kept a candle in her window for twenty-eight years, until one day, the candle went dark and the town found her dead inside with a broken heart.

This was originally believed to be all that was known about her life, however, it turned out that the story about the naval captain was complete fiction. The story was in a book she wrote for the children of Middleton over one-hundred years ago. The book was placed in Middleton's library and discovered by Lori Russell hundreds of years later.

Good Witch television series Edit

Elizabeth's Merrick family heirloom ring magically reappears and Cassie accepts the ring as her engagement ring from Sam Radford.

In "Written Like a Merriwick", Elizabeth's suitcase was sent to Grey House from an art museum to her remaining descendants. Elizabeth's 3x Great-Granddaughter, Grace, then wrote stories about Elizabeth then turned out to have been true and recorded in Elizabeth's original diary.

Her handkerchief is seen in "How to Make a Middleton Quilt", and the ladies sewed it into the wish quilt for Cassie.

Personality Edit

A woman ahead of her time, Elizabeth was adventurous and a pioneer for many women. She was always looking for another adventure. She was smart, kind, caring, imaginative, and selfless. In many ways, she was the mysterious heart of Middleton.

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Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Cassie mentions, in conversation with Joseph, that her great-grandmother was called Laurel Merriwick. Presumably, she is Elizabeth's daughter[1], though whether she was born before or after Elizabeth ran off is unknown. S4E9 states that Elizabeth's mother was named Catherine.
  • According to the special Good Witch: Spellbound, Elizabeth lived approximately one-hundred and fifty years ago and was once engaged to Cotton Perriwood until 1886. She is noted to be the mayor's daughter.
  • She had a relative, most likely a Grandmother, named Patience Merriwick, who was engaged to a man called William Smythe for a short time in 1818.
  • She wrote a book of short stories that was stored in the library of Middleton. It was signed, "For all the children of Middleton. From your friend, The Grey Lady."

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References Edit

  1. A conversation between Cassie and Joseph occurs in Episode 2.01 (41:54):
    • Joseph: "My great-grandfather, Henry, was engaged to your great-grandmother."
    • Cassie: "Laurel Merriwick".
    Presumably, Laurel is the daughter of Elizabeth Merriwick.