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The Endicott family is a prominent family in the town of Middleton, that has a respectful and honorable lineage.


On April 12th, 1922, Douglas Endicott was recorded to have saved a family and their children from a hotel fire. He was given an award for his bravery and became a pillar of the community, remembered throughout the ages for his brave act of heroism. It was this act that established the Endicott family in Middleton in society. It wasn't until the late 2000s, that it was discovered that Douglas had attended the opening day of a Chicago Cubs game, which he was a fan of, on the same day as the fire.

Back in Middleton, his wife, Doris, had attended the hotel for an illegal poker game run by Richard Shanaman. While she was in attendance, the hotel caught fire and she saved those from the fire and carried them to safety. Due to the societal standards in the 1920s, women were frowned up for attending poker or card games. To protect their family name, Douglas received the award on his wife's behalf, leaving the world to believe he was the hero. Years later, Doris earned the credit that she deserved when Grace Russell uncovered the truth about the events that happened at the hotel fire.

A cherished town tradition was started when the Endicott's gifted the Merriwick's their family blanket, that was then handed back and forth between the two families with each new baby. That is, until the birth of Dylan Tinsdale when it disappeared. Martha, the mother of Dylan, blamed her cousin Maxine Endicott for the theft.

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Approximately a hundred years later, the latest and only known descendant of Douglas and Doris is Martha Tinsdale. Martha married her husband, Tom, and they settled down together in Middleton. They soon welcomed two sons, Michael and Dylan. Martha then supported her husband as he ran for Mayor and was his second-in-command and major support system while he was Mayor. Around 2015, Martha was elected Mayor of the town.

Family Members[]

Current Members[]

  • Douglas Endicott - The husband of Doris and father to their children. He took credit of being the hero of hotel fire since Doris was illegally attending a poker game there.
  • Doris Endicott - Doris was the wife of Douglas and the mother to their children. She was a formidable young lady who enjoyed playing card games such as seven-card stud and poker. She was the real hero of the hotel fire of 1922 but her husband took the credit to protect their family, as women weren't "allowed" to attend poker games.
  • Mayor Martha Tinsdale - Martha is the great-granddaughter of Douglas and Doris Endicott, the mother of Michael and Dylan Tinsdale, and the wife of Tom Tinsdale. She is a pillar of the Middleton community and has a long history of being involved in the political scene of the town. She was elected Mayor of Middleton in the later 2000s, after supporting her husband's Mayoral run. She has maintained the role of Mayor for many years and loves the part she has in the community. Martha is an eager and self-aware person who will do anything for her town and friends.
  • Maxine Endicott: Martha's identical yet estranged cousin.
  • Michael Tinsdale -
  • Dylan Tinsdale -

Extended Members[]

Family Tree[]

Endicott Tree.png

red = marital
purple = offspring



  • Tinsdale House -
    • Roderick's Library - Roderick Davenport had a mansion in which he and his family lived in. He kept to himself after the events with Patience. The mansion and its respective library belong to the Endicott-Tinsdale family after the house was sold to Martha Tinsdale. When Donovan and Abigail placed Great Expectations back on a shelf with the other Dickens books it opened a secret door that led to a private study. Dottie and Vandercleef marveled at the secret room and the precious contents within, including a rare violin.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Endicott family history is expanded in, "Til Death Do Us Part" when Martha investigates her family lineage.
  • There is a street in Middleton named after the family, Endicott Road. According to Martha, it passes through the most desirable towns in Middleton.
  • The name Douglas Endicott is a play on Lori Russell’s real name: Hannah Endicott-Douglas.