Biographical Information
Fullname Eve
Gender Female
Age 30s
Physical Information
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Species Human
Family & Friends
Marital status Single
Employment Information
  • Receptionist
Affiliation Middleton Family Clinic
Employer Sam Radford
Coworkers Grace Russell
Series Information
First appearance Good Witch Halloween
Portrayer Kate Corbett

Eve is a receptionist at Middleton Family Clinic. She has a bubbly personality which contrasts with Sam's more serious demeanour. Eve often provides the patients that come to the clinic with a smile.

Biography Edit

Eve was born and raised in Middleton, and as such, has a strong tie to the town and the people in it.

Throughout Series Edit

She enjoys being overly personal and gossiping with patients, for which Sam reprimands her, asking instead for a more professional work environment. Eve apologizes and tells Sam that she meant no harm, she's just used to living in a town where everyone knows everything about each other because they care about one another. She offers to find a replacement who would be a better fit for her job, but Sam declines her offer and accepts her apology.

Personality Edit

Eve is bubbly, happy, and always gossiping to the patients that walk into the clinic. As a Middletonian, she has adapted to a certain way of living and is used to small-town gossip and knowing everything about everyone.

Physical Appearance Edit

Eve is a pretty young woman in her thirties, with shoulder-length blonde hair and a petite frame. She has round bright blue eyes and a large smile that lights up a room. She wears comfortable and fashionable clothing, often wearing bright and cheerful colors.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Eve became close friends with Grace when she was an intern at the clinic.
  • She is often left out of outings between Sam and Grace, or lunch dates between her other friends which upsets her.
  • Cassie and Eve are good friends, as Cassie often thinks of Eve when others seemingly don't.

Gallery Edit