Family Time
Season 4, Episode 4
Family Time
Air Date May 20, 2018
Written by Dean Batali
Directed by Fred Gerber
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Daddy's Home
Written Like a Merriwick

Family Time is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Good Witch on Hallmark Channel.

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Cassie and Sam bring Grace and Nick for an overnight at the lake house, hoping time together will help the soon-to-be family bond. Many distractions get in the way of family bonding, but when Nick is in trouble, Grace is reminded of the importance of standing by family. While Cassie is away, Abigail meddles in the love lives of visitors to Grey House, quickly realizing that Cassie's knack of making it a magical place is much harder than it seems. Meanwhile, Martha ponders a mysterious box at Bell, Book & Candle before a visitor in town reveals its surprising meaning.

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