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Good Witch: Spellbound
Season 4, Episode 0
Good Witch Spellbound.jpg
Aired October 22, 2017
Written by Dean Patali
Ron Osborn
Jeff Reno
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Good Witch: Spellbound is the two-hour Halloween special event and sneak peak of Season 4 on Hallmark.


Cassie discovers an old photograph of former Middleton resident Cotton Perriwood, along with muslin sheets bearing the cryptic Perriwood prophecy. A mysterious stranger (Noam Jenkins) arrives just as bizarre events begin to occur in town as foretold in the prophecy. The fear that the curse Perriwood vowed as revenge for being driven out of town and kept from his true love is coming to life. At Cassie's party at Grey House on Halloween night, the last of the bizarre events occur as predicted. Grace searches for the missing final page of the Perriwood prophecy and Cassie must interpret the clues to figure out how to stop the curse and, along the way, discovers the future isn't always written exactly as it seems.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Noam Jenkins as Wil Fuller


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