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Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts
Season 5, Episode 0
Tale of Two Hearts.jpg
Aired October 21, 2018
Directed by Michael Kennedy
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Tossing the Bouquet
The Forever Tree: Part 1

Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts is the two-hour Halloween special event on Hallmark.


Cassie and Sam, Middleton’s favorite cute, put their energy into the bicentennial Halloween Harvest Festival. Everyone in town prepares for the festival’s competition with rival town Blairsville, especially Grace and Nick, who realize this is their last Halloween in Middleton. New mayor Abigail tries to outdo former mayor Martha, creating rivalries within the town as well. When a 100-carat ruby known as The Heart of Middleton is stolen from the museum where the festival’s gala is to be held, the town’s Halloween romance suffers, and Cassie suspects a Grey House guest is the culprit. She also believes it will all magically work out during the Halloween gala – one filled with romance and surprises that not even Cassie’s magic intuition can predict.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The episode was shot and outlined in two separate scripts, indicating a part one and part two episode. However, it premiered as one episode.
  • When talking about the "History of Halloween" exhibit, Karen mentions several important series artifacts and events. These include the Cotton Perriwood prophecy, the gargoyles, infinity brick, and the Heart of Middleton.
  • The masquerade black-tie gala featured in the episode celebrates the 200th anniversary of the rivalry between Middleton and Blairsville.