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The Heart of Middleton is a ruby-shaped heart that was discovered in 1818 by William Spry. He gifted to his lover, Patience Merriwick, as a symbol of his love for her.


In the 1700s, Middleton founders Nathaniel and Meredith Merriwick brought a music box with them from the old world. The music box had three hidden compartments that fit a heart-shaped ruby, an emerald, and a diamond. The music box was seemingly lost in the "great flood" along with its contents. The troves became known as the Middleton Treasure.

In 1818, Patience Merriwick of Middleton was set to marry Roderick Davenport of Blairsville. Upon their exchanging of vows, the most prominent family in each town would be forever joined. Patience's heart belonged to someone else, William Spry. William worked in the mines, and it was there that he unearthed a ruby-like no other - some even say it held magic inside. On October 31, 1818, he gifted her the ruby during one of their secret rendezvous by the Middleton well. Their secret was discovered by Roderick's family. That night, at Grey House, William was conscripted into the war. His hasty departure was cleverly orchestrated by the Davenport family.

On October 31, 1819, Patience Merriwick vanished from Grey House, leaving behind only the Heart of Middleton. The ruby remains in the Merriwick family to this day.

Throughout Good Witch[]

Cassie tells Grace the story of the heart as she removes it from a special box it is kept in. The museum curator, Karen Alexander, arrives at Grey House and remarks on the true beauty of the object. The heart is set to be the centerpiece at "The History of Halloween" exhibit during the Halloween gala.

The Curse[]

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  • William Spry (Formerly: gifted to Patience)
  • Patience Merriwick (Formerly)
  • Merriwick Family
  • Karen Alexander (Formerly: stolen then returned)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The ruby has been in the Merriwick family for over 200 years.
  • According to Martha, "oodles and oodles" of couples have been married because of the ruby.
  • The ruby is one-third of a set of jewels that fits into the historic Middleton music box.
  • It is 1/3 of the Middleton Treasure.