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Lori Russell is the daughter of Jake Russell and his late wife, Jennifer. She is the younger sister of Brandon and the step-daughter of Cassie Nightingale. Lori is a talented writer and journalist, and a close friend to her step-mother, Cassie.


Throughout Series[]

The Good Witch film series[]

Good Witch television series[]

During Season 1, Lori moves back to Middleton after the death of her father and lives in Grey House with Cassie, George, and Grace. She, along with Cassie, is shocked that Brandon wants to pursue a career in the police department even after Jake's tragic death in the line of duty. She eventually accepts her brother's dream and gets a job as a reporter at the Middleton Eagle.

Lori is not seen or mentioned during Season 2, even though she was living at Grey House and working for the town paper.

By the time of Cassie's wedding to Sam, Lori had left Grey House and was working abroad. She was unable to attend the wedding, though she did contact Brandon to send her "love" to Cassie.


Initially shy and introverted, Lori relied on her older brother to guide her through Middleton and walk her home. She rarely spoke to strangers, but around Brandon, she had a bubbly and big personality paired with a gentle soul and immense curiosity. She believed in the occult and was one of the first people to think Cassie was a witch.

As she grew up, she grew into herself and became more confident. She remains a quiet woman but is more confident her appearance and personality. She now uses her curiosity to make her a better reporter and writer.

Physical Appearance[]

As a child, she had long, skinny limbs with long straight blonde hair that was often pulled back from her face in either a ponytail or clipped back. She wore skirts with solid colored pants under them, paired with a casual top. Her shy personality was evident in her outfits and the way she carried herself.

As a college graduate in her mid-twenties, Lori has a curvy build with shoulder-length straight blonde hair and green eyes. She dresses casually with light-colored makeup with a glossed lip. She can normally be seen wearing a watch and her fathers' compass as a bracelet.

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  1. Lori turns 16 in The Good Witch's Family, set in 2011.