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If true love shall break the heart, the curse is sealed and shan’t depart.
Roderick seals the curse

The Merriwick-Davenport curse is a two-hundreded-year-old magical curse placed upon the Merriwick and Davenport families. The curse was created by the Davenport family after a relationship between the families ended badly. They used the curse as a way to keep future Merriwicks and Davenports apart.



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In 1818, Middleton and Blairsville coincided in perfect harmony. Patience Merriwick of Middleton was set to marry Roderick Davenport of Blairsville. Upon their exchanging of vows, the most prominent family in each town would be forever joined. Patience's heart belonged to someone else, William Spry. William worked in the mines, and it was there that he unearthed a ruby-like no other - some even say it held magic inside. On October 31, 1818, he gifted her the ruby during one of their secret rendezvous by the Middleton well. Their secret was discovered by Roderick's family. That night, at Grey House, William was conscripted into the war. His hasty departure was cleverly orchestrated by the Davenport family. William vowed to return before Patientice's wedding day. He promised that no matter where he was in the world the ruby would lead his heart back to hers. Patience's father was worried she would sneak out to find William, so he confined her to Grey House.

One year later, on All Hallows' Eve, the night before her wedding to Roderick, Patience vanished and was never seen again. She left behind the ruby. Roderick and his family never got over the slight, causing a rift between Blairsville and Middleton that exists to this day. In revenge for the slight, Roderick connected with his sister-in-law, a traveler named Priscila Connelly. He gave the traveler a piece of his land as payment to Priscilla for her part in the curse.

Modern Day Love[]

Abigail Pershing met Donovan Davenport and they shared a mutual attraction and began dating, much to the chagrin of Donovan’s mother, Dotty. They soon discovered that their families were cursed after one of Abigail’s ancestors, Patience Merriwick jilted her fiancé, Roderick Davenport. One night, Abigail and Donovan were supposed to have dinner together when he was in a motorcycle accident resulting in bruised ribs. Dotty Davenport, Donovan's mother, met Abigail in the waiting room. Dotty believed the accident was caused by the curse that lay on them and asked Abigail to stay away from her son before anything worse happened. The curse was eventually broken by Abigail and Donovan.

Effects of the Curse[]

The curse keeps the Merriwicks and Davenports from expressing or acting on their love. There doesn't seem to be an issue with dating, as the recipients seem to receive the curse just as their relationship is evolving into love.

The curse initially caused interruptions between Abigail and Donovan from having their first kiss, however, this passed quickly. It also stopped Donovan from going to Abigail's house for dinner, by causing a motorcycle accident. The accident separated Abigail and Donovan for some time before they reconciled.

The curse prohibited Abigail from being able to say the words, "I love you". She tried spelling it out in rose petal but the wind blew the petals away before Donovan could read them. She expressed that she was thinking "I love you" but the words physically wouldn't come out of her mouth. Later, the curse may have been responsible for their identical yet cynical fortune cookies. Their fortunes read, "Your heart will break but you just keep living day after day after terrible day". While Cassie didn't believe this was a product of the curse, Abigail and Donovan did. When the couple was in Roderick Davenport's old house, where the curse originated, Abigail lost all her desire to kiss Donovan, though the feeling was not reciprocated.

Recipients of the Merriwick-Davenport Curse[]

  • Patience Merriwick and Roderick Davenport (Originators: 1818)
  • Violet Merriwick and Nathaniel Davenport (Ended Relationship: 1900s)
  • Abigail Pershing and Donovan Davenport (Modern Day; broken)

Heart of Middleton[]

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The ruby is crucial to the curse, as it is a symbol of the love between Patience Merrwick and her lover, William Spry. It is also a symbol of the slight done to the Davenport family during that time. As Abigail and Donovan worked to break the curse, they noticed the heart cracking. They soon discovered a letter Roderick was writing to Patience in his old desk. It read, “If true love shall break the heart, the curse is sealed and shan’t depart.” They determine that if the heart cracks completely the curse will be permanent.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • While not directly confirmed, Violet Merriwick and Nathaniel Davenport may have been involved in the curse. While dancing, they accidentally burned down the Davenport Manor. Their relationship ended poorly.
  • The relationship between Grace Russell and Luke Williams is the product of a loophole in the curse. Luke is the nephew of Dotty Davenport, who married into the Davenport family. However, Luke has no direct blood connection to the Davenport family.