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The Merriwick family is a prominent and eclectic family rooted in Middleton. The women in the family are often, correctly, labeled as witches. They can be either admired or shunned for their unique gifts.


The Merriwick family came from a farm in England, where three purple bags were filled with soil from the farm.

The Merriwick family has strong, deep, and magical roots in a small town called Middleton. In fact, Meredith and Nathaniel Merriwick were the founders of Middleton.

When Meredith was pregnant with her daughter, Fortune, there was a red haloed moon, and she took in a dying elderly female traveller whom the rest of the town had turned away. In reality, the traveller was a powerful witch, but the red haloed moon was destroying her magic. Before the witch died, she gave Meredith and, by extension, Meredith's family two gifts to repay her for her kindness (which she had never felt before): three purple satchels and all her magical powers. Henceforth, Meredith Merriwick, her daughters, and their female descendants were all magical witches, but along with this gift was the heavy responsibility of using them only for good, to help all those in need.

One year, Meredith and Nathaniel were "lost" in a great flood and were never seen or heard from again along with the Middleton Treasure. Many of the family lived in an old mansion donned Grey House. It wasn't until Elizabeth Merriwick took over Grey House that the residents began to notice the magical air that seemed to follow the Merriwick women. Many of the Merriwick ancestors were proposed to in a field that later became the Pershing House.

Family Members[]

First Generation[]

in order of birth; exact relations subject to change. The first three generations of Merriwicks do not appear in the official family tree released by Hallmark as it begins with Elizabeth and nothing before her.
  • Meredith and Nathaniel Merriwick: They were the founders of Middleton. They signed the charter on October 12, 1794. They immigrated from England and hid a great treasure in the city. During a great flood, Meredith, Nathaniel, and the treasure were thought to have been lost. They had at least four daughters - Patience, Fortune, Hope and Victoria.

Second Generation[]

  • Patience Merriwick:

    Patience with William

    Daughter of Nathaniel and Meredith[1], Patience lived in Middleton during the 1800s. She was betrothed to Roderick Davenport of Blairsville. The union was supposed to unite the two towns and their prominent families. Patience loved another man, William Spry, and they were having a secret relationship. He gifted her the Heart of Middleton as a symbol of his undying love for her. On October 31, 1818, they were caught by Roderick's family. William was conscripted into the war. His hasty departure was cleverly orchestrated by the Davenport family. Patience's father confined her to Grey House until her wedding to Roderick. The wedding never happened, as Patience disappeared from Middleton on October 31, 1819, the day before their wedding. She appears in two portraits owned by Cassie. The first, a family portrait which contained a clue to breaking Abigail's curse. The second portrait was hidden under the first, and discovered by Joy in 2021. She was born in approximately 1798.
  • Victoria Merriwick: According to Cassie, she lived two hundred years ago and went up to the highest point in Middleton to "chart the constellations" with her friend, Charlotte Posner. Victoria made a wish on a comet - a wish that her sister (Patience) would find "true love", something which was wished "unselfishly" and thus came true. Charlotte's wish, apparently a "selfish" one, did not come true, so she got to name the comet - hence why the comet is not named after the Merriwicks.
  • Hope Merriwick: Aunt of Catherine Merriwick[2] and presumed sister to Patience.
  • Fortune Merriwick: Sister of Patience. She received her silver amulet when she was 11 and was 22 when her younger sister left.
  • William Spry: Presumed husband of Patience.

Third Generation[]

  • Catherine Merriwick: Catherine was the matriarch of the Merriwick line over two-hundred years ago.

    Catherine and her husband, Douglas

    She was the mother of Elizabeth, daughter of Patience, and the original owner of Grey House until she willed it to her daughter. Little is known about her, except that she pressured Elizabeth into blending into society and taking up a husband of good stature and that Catherine's husband was mayor of Middleton in 1886. According to Cassie, Catherine's husband was named Douglas and they were married under the Forever Tree.[3]
  • Charles Merriwick I: Brother of Catherine. Little is known about him.
  • Henrietta Merriwick: Cousin to Catherine Merriwick and daughter of Hope.[4]

Fourth Generation[]

The official Hallmark family tree begins with this generation of Merriwick family members.
Elizabeth Merriwick-TGW.jpg
  • Elizabeth Merriwick: Elizabeth was born in Middleton to Catherine Merriwick. She is the mother of Laurel and Violet Merriwick. Elizabeth became known throughout as "The Grey Lady" due to her monotone and grey clothing choices. She resided in her family home which was nicknamed Grey House. In 1886, Elizabeth's father was the Mayor of Middleton while Elizabeth remained the manager of Grey House. Elizabeth kept detailed diaries that have been passed down through history to the successive generations of Merriwick women. Her portrait still hangs over the living room fireplace.

Fifth Generation[]

Isabelle Merriwick is included in this particular section based on the fact that she was getting married in 1926 and the next generation of Merriwicks were born in 1925, a year before Isabelle was married.
  • Frederick Merriwick: The son of Victoria Merriwick. Nothing is known of him.
  • Laurel Merriwick: Cassie’s great grandmother is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Merriwick. Born in the early 1900s, Laurel had two daughters, Anne and a unknown girl, who carried on the Merriwick name. She also had a son called Charles. Laurel met George O'Hanrahan when he was seventeen-years-old. She hired him to repaint the Gazebo and later to look after the grounds of Grey House; eventually, the two had a conversation and she told him about The Purple Bag Mystery. Cassie only met her once, when she was five, after which Laurel died around 1984.
Isabelle Merriwick.jpg
  • Violet: Violet had a relationship with Nathanial Davenport - one night when they were dancing, they accidentally burnt down Davenport Manor and their relationship ended badly. She was the sister of Laurel Merriwick.
  • Isabelle Merriwick: Isabelle Merriwick, a "descendant" of the Merriwick family, married Jonas Kelling on October 30, 1926.[5]

Sixth Generation[]

  • Anne: Born in 1925, Anne is the eldest daughter of Laurel, the mother of Jade Brock, and the Grandmother of Cassie Nightingale. Much of this chapter in Merriwick's history remains a mystery.
  • Charles Merriwick II: Child of Laurel, brother of Anne and Eleanor.[6]
  • Eleanor: Born in 1930. Eleanor is the sister of Anne and the daughter of Laurel. She is the great aunt of Cassie Nightingale. Eleanor had a daughter named Julia who would give birth to a daughter named Joy.

Seventh Generation[]

  • Julia Harper: Born in 1964, Julia's mother is Eleanor’s only daughter and the first cousin to Jade and Patricia. Julia is Joy Harper's mother. She died in a car accident when Joy was seventeen. She was married to Philip Harper before she sent him away out of fear of an unknown force that would have taken him away. She gave Philip her Tree of Life amulet for protection.
  • Jade Brock: Jade was the second daughter of Anne and the mother of Cassie Nightingale. She was married to Conrad Brock, and took his surname. Both she and her husband died in a car accident when Cassie was ten.
  • Patricia Pershing: Another mysterious character in the Merriwick line, Patricia is the sister of Jade Brock. Patricia struggled as a single mom after Abigail’s father, Arthur was imprisoned. She later died of an unknown illness.

Eighth Generation[]

S3 Cassie.jpg
  • Cassie Nightingale: Cassie is the eldest descendant of the Merriwick line. She was orphaned at a young age and grew up outside of the traditions of the Merriwick family. the cousin of Abigail Pershing, and the mother of Grace Russell. Because she was orphaned at a young age, Cassie became accustomed to traveling and moving as she was passed through foster homes. She ran away and continued traveling the world and learning about many different cultures, all while honing her special gifts. In her twenties, Cassie moved to Middleton after finding her family's property, Grey House. While it took time, the town eventually welcomed Cassie and her mysterious ways. She currently owns the infamous Bell, Book & Candle on Main Street, as well as Grey House Bed & Breakfast. She is married to Sam Radford and widowed from Jake Russell. Additionally, she is the step-mother of Brandon and Lori Russell, as well as, Nick Radford.
Daddy's Home.jpg
  • Abigail Pershing: Abigail is the daughter of Arthur Pershing and Patricia. She is the maternal cousin of Cassie Nightingale and Grace Russell, and a descendant of the Merriwick line. Like most Merriwick women, Abigail possesses unique gifts. She uses her gifts to coyly help people realize their full potential; her methods, however, are notably darker and colder than Cassie and Grace's. She is a business owner of Abigail's Flowers and Chocolates and the former interim Mayor of Middleton. She has recently become entwined in the ancient Merriwick-Davenport Curse due to her relationship with Donovan Davenport. She is the third Merriwick to have a relationship with a Davenport but is the first one adamant on breaking the curse.
602 001.jpg
  • Joy Harper (born October 13, 1990): Joy is Cassie and Abigail's newly discovered cousin. She is a a descendant of Laurel Merriwick. Joy's mother, Julia, died in a car accident when Joy was seventeen, while her father remained absent from her life. She became a contractor and interior designer. Joy found her way to Middleton while pursuing a job opportunity and investigating the Merriwick women. She is surrounded by a sense of mystery, but learn how to open up the longer she's around Cassie.

Ninth Generation[]

Grace S4.jpg
  • Grace Russell: Grace is the only daughter of Cassie Nightingale and Jake Russell. She is the youngest cousin of Abigail Pershing, the half-sister of Brandon and Lori Russell, and step-sister of Nick Radford. She is a witch from the Merriwick family line and shares her mother's unique gifts of insight and intuition. A Middleton native, Grace had deep roots in the community and has done internships for a few prominent Middleton offices. Her main passion in life is to help others and guide them toward a better and more productive lifestyle. Grace currently attends Wellingsley College and is pursuing a career in fashion or design.

Unknown Generations[]

Eunice is not included on the official family tree released by Hallmark but is mentioned by Cassie as having existed.

  • Eunice Merriwick: Eunice Merriwick was a former lover of Thomas Hillcrest[7]. Eventually, after they had been courting for years but he never proposed, she grew impatient and gave him a batch of Merriwick truth chocolates. Though the truth is never revealed, nor is how Eunice is related to the family, Cassie implies the relationship didn't end well.

Extended Members[]

  • Russell Family -
  • Radford Family -

Family Tree[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Due to Meredith's kindness, she and, by extension, her family became real magical witches whose primary abilities were:

  • Insight: The power to possess perception beyond that of a normal person's. The Merriwick witches - Cassie, Abigail, Joy, and Grace - could assess people and situations alike, predict or anticipate the outcome of an individual's behavior or actions, see the optimal way to properly deal with things, as well as see through facades and behaviors.
  • Intuition: The power to intuitively sense and adapt to future events, to gain information through intrinsic means, and to acquire knowledge by means other than the ordinary senses or previous experiences. Since Meredith (the very first Merriwick to become a magical witch), the Merriwick women had been extremely intuitive and psychic, always instinctively knowing who is behind or around them, always being able to instinctively sense things such as their loved ones being hurt or in danger, when secrets are being kept from them, and what was going to happen and the optimal way to deal with it

Besides the primary powers of insight and intuition, the Merriwick witches also possessed other abilities through their magic (though some abilities were exclusive to a particular Merriwick witch), such as:

  • Mystic Object Creation: The power to create mystical or magical objects.
  • Scrying: The power to acquire information using sight outside the normal range of detection.
  • Pyrokinesis: The power to create, shape, control, generate, and manipulate fire.
  • Retrocognition: The power to perceive past events.
  • Teleportation: The power to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move objects with one's mind.

Property and Artifacts[]

Grey House.jpg

  • Grey House - Grey House is a historical landmark and the oldest piece of property in Middleton. The home was originally owned by Catherine Merriwick and her husband, until their daughter, Elizabeth, took over the home. In 1886, Elizabeth managed Grey House with her employees. She left Middleton later in her life and the home became run-down and abandoned. The people of Middleton left the home be until Merriwick descendant Cassie Nightingale moved to Middleton and took over the home. She currently lives there with her former father-in-law and Grey House handyman, George O'Hanrahan. Her daughter and cousin, Grace and Abigail, used to both reside there before heading off to college and purchasing their own home respectively. Her newest discovered cousin, Joy, seems to reside at the house.
    • Grey House Bed & Breakfast - While it is unknown if the house was a B&B in the 1800s, it was turned into one by Cassie while she was struggling to pay her bills. Grey house is the only B&B in Middleton, and seems to attract people who need it the most.
  • Bell, Book & Candle - Cassie opened the eclectic shop shortly after she moved to Middleton. While the store wasn't originally embraced by the town, they came around and began to love the shop. It is now one of the most popular go-to stores in Middleton.
  • Abigail's Flower Market - Also referred to as Abigail's and Abigail's Flowers and Chocolates is the name of a flower shop in Middleton that is owned by Abigail Pershing.
  • Heart of Middleton - An ancient ruby that was discovered in 1818. It is believed to hold magical properties that help couples find love on Halloween. It is also the heart of the Merriwick-Davenport curse.
  • Merriwick Heirloom Ring -
  • Merriwick Wish Book -
  • Elizabeth Merriwick's Journal -
  • Pearl Necklace - Cassie owns a pearl necklace that has been passed down through the family. She loans it to Joy, knowing it will temporarily dampen her abilities, and force her to see things from a new perspective. It is currently unknown as to whether the necklace can dampen the powers of all Merriwick women, or whether a specific person has to be specified as Cassie's powers seem to work perfectly fine while she holds the necklace.

Mysteries and Curses[]

  • Merriwick-Davenport Curse - A curse placed upon the Davenport and Merriwick families that keeps the members from being able to admit their love for one another. It began when Patience Merriwick absconded with William Spry, despite being betrothed to Roderick Davenport.
  • The Merriwick Mystery - A mystery involving the cousins Cassie Nightingale, Abigail Pershing, and Joy Harper, begins when three purple bags appeared to the women on the same day. These bags contained clumps of dirt which, when emptied, formed a Tree of Life symbol. The many twists and turns of the mystery involving the bag and everything surrounding it, pushes the three cousins to dig deeper into both their shared and personal history. They begin to unravel the lost history of the Merriwick family, as well as, Patience and Laurel Merriwick's involvement.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Most, if not all, of the Merriwick women are good witches that help their community and friends.
  • The only known living members of the Merriwick family reside in Middleton.
  • Grace is the only child of the Merriwick family known to be alive.
  • In Season 6, Cassie, Abigail, and Joy are seen holding their mugs the exact same way.



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