Nick and Grace
Characters: Nick Radford and Grace Russell
Type of Pairing: Friendly, Flirtatious
First Met: Starting Over...Again
Started: Starting Over...Again (neighbors/rivals)
Together We Stand... (friendly)
Other Information
Status: Ongoing
Portrayed by: Bailee Madison and Rhys Matthew Bond

Nick and Grace is the friendship and possibly romantic pairing between Nick Radford and Grace Russell in Good Witch. They are best-friends though they have had flirtatious moments.

Their ship-name, as created by the fandom, is Nace.

Relationship Edit

Nick and Grace are currently best friends and neighbors. They originally had a complicated rival relationship, as Grace thought Nick was just a spoiled, pampered, playboy kid from New York, and he thought she was a stuck-up nerd. As they began getting to know each other, Grace saw the potential in him - even after he framed her for theft and lied about helping Anthony. They bonded for the first time during the storm of Middleton, after Grace hurt Nick's feelings by not sharing her food with him. After that, they began to be cordial with one another and eventually, became friendly and then friends. As they grew closer together and shared more with one another, it became evident to others that there was more between the pair then friendship. This forced Grace to evaluate their relationship, and she remained conflicted for some time. It appeared that when they both began dating other people, both Nick and Grace would be upset. In the future, they may become step-siblings due to the romantic relationship between their parents.

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Notes and Trivia Edit

  • They are neighbors and friends.
  • When Nick and Grace argue, their personalities change and they become depressed. Grace's appetite decreases while Nick closes himself off to others.
  • When Nick and Grace have a fight, they walk off in opposite directions. This is evident in the episodes, "A Perfect Match" and "Not Getting Married Today".
  • Nick and Grace almost kiss in Season 3 in a budding romance while studying biology.
  • A photo predicted the fight between Nick and Grace at the end of Season 3.
  • Grace is offended when she discovered that Nick planned to ask for an appointment with Courtney and not with her.
  • It is possible that the cut of the Merriwick flower affected the feelings of Nick and Grace in the wrong way, by making them like other people, as Nick became interested in Courtney and Grace in Noah.
  • Other characters have noticed the chemistry between them.
    • Stephanie Borden thought that Nick was going to ask Grace on a date, and the comment made Grace think about her feelings for Nick.
    • Courtney Gunderson thought that Grace was interested in Nick romantically, to the point where she didn't want to go out with Nick out of respect for Grace.
  • He visited her when she was in the hospital after her accident and tried to convince her to give up active outdoor sports to keep her safe.
  • They often walk home from school together and have many scenes in the driveways of their respective houses.
  • Their latest fight spanned over five-episodes and was over Grace accidentally saying that Nick wanted to break-up with Courtney while she was nearby.

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