Radford House

The Radford House is a residential home in Middleton that is next door to Grey House. The house is currently owned by Sam Radford.

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Dr. Sam Radford and his fifteen-year-old son, Nick, moved into the house from New York at the beginning of "Starting Over...Again".

In "Tossing the Bouquet", Sam decided to place the house on the market, so that he and Nick could move into Grey House after the wedding. The realtor expressed great enthusiasm about the house, saying that it was in great condition. The house was put on the market that day. A few days later, Abigail Pershing approached Sam and told him that she was planning on moving out of Grey House - and into Sam's house after the wedding. She stated that her bid was exactly what Sam was asking for, and he told her that it was officially sold to her - all they had to do was the paperwork.

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