Sam Radford
S1 Sam3
Biographical Information
Fullname Dr. Samuel William Radford
Nickname Dr. McDreamy (by Stephanie)
Gender Male
Physical Information
Hair color Dark blonde
Eye color Blue
Family & Friends
Marital status Engaged to Cassie Nightingale
Employment Information
  • Doctor and Surgeon
Affiliation Family Clinic
Employees Eve
Series Information
First appearance Starting Over...Again
Portrayer James Denton
I thrive in chaos.

Sam Radford is a main character in the Hallmark Channel original series, Good Witch.

Sam is the father of Nick Radford and the fiance of Cassie Nightingale. He is a successful doctor and surgeon from New York, who moved to Middleton seeking a fresh start for him and his son. Sam then opened his own medical practice in town and began bonding with his neighbors, Cassie Nightingale and her family.


Sam attended John Hopkins University where he earned his P.H.D. in medicine in three-years, graduating at the top of his class and then became a surgeon. Shortly after, he was hired at a hospital in New York where he flourished and became well-known for his medicinal abilities. At some point, she wrote and published a textbook and served on several hospital boards.

He fell in love with and later married, Linda Wallace. The pair had one child together, a son, whom they named Nick. It became apparent early-on in Sam and Linda's marriage that the pair were not meant to be, and they decided to get a divorce.

During the divorce, the pair had a custody battle over Nick. Linda ultimately decided to travel overseas and gave up the custody battle, allowing Sam to raise Nick on his own without any intervention from her. Sam was then given full custody, while Linda wasn't given any parental rights due to her choosing to leave her son and ex-husband. Sam raised Nick the best he could, but his late-night shifts and unpredictable work schedule made it difficult for them to bond.

At some point, Sam became a board member of the hospital and published a textbook for medicine. When he noticed that Nick was failing in school and beginning to fall in with the wrong group of friends, Sam decided it was time for a change. At the beginning of Freshman year, Sam moved himself and Nick to Middleton where they became neighbors to recently widowed Cassie Nightingale, and her daughter, Grace.

Throughout Series


At first, Sam was introduced as a brilliant surgeon from New York who strived under pressure. He was close-minded and didn't believe in Cassie's form of medicine, and was extremely defensive of his type of medicine, and believed it to be the right one. This caused him to butt-heads with Cassie, who tried to convince him that herbal medicine is still medicine. As he opened up to Cassie, he was seen to be an intelligent, kind, big-hearted man who enjoys what he does.

Physical Appearance

Notes and Trivia

  • Sam was initially an emergency trauma surgeon for emergency rooms before he moved to Middleton.
  • He owns the only known clinic in Middleton, with his only competition being Cassie, who believes in herbal remedies.
  • He owns three properties, his house, Radford Family Clinic, and the lake house
  • Sam is a talented guitarist, which Cassie learned about in "Say it with Candy".