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Sarah Power (born June 29, 1985) is a Candian-born actress best known for her role as Abigail Pershing in the Good Witch television franchise.

Life and Career[]

Sarah Power was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, on June 29, 1985. She was a dancer as a child and began acting lessons at the age of fourteen. In 2001, she moved to Toronto to begin an acting career. She later attended Ryerson University's Theatre School to study the arts.

At the age of sixteen, Sarah was cast in the 2002 television miniseries based on the novel Random Passage. In 2009, she was cast in the main role on the CBC Television series Wild Roses, playing Lucy, the middle daughter in the Henry family on the series.

Her film credits include Saw V as Angelina Hoffman, Repo! The Genetic Opera as Marni Wallace, and American Pie Presents: Beta House (as Denise).

In 2011, Sarah appeared in the Hallmark Channel television film The Good Witch's Family, and on the follow-up, 2015 television series Good Witch, in the recurring role of Abigail Pershing.

Also in 2015, she began appearing in the recurring role of Doctor Pawter Simms on the Space channel television series Killjoys. In 2016, she also appeared in the recurring role of Jennifer Windham on the CBS television series American Gothic.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Sarah has been playing the role of Abigail Pershing since 2011 when she was cast in Hallmark Channel original movie, The Good Witch's Family.
  • Whenever they are scheduled to film large group scenes where most, if not all, of the main cast will be present, Sarah brings board games to the set and the cast play between filming.
  • She was pregnant during Season 5 of the series.