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Sean is a recurring character in the Good Witch television series. He is an attractive French professor who teaches an introductory course in Middleton. His charm, persistence, and good looks quickly makes him a contender for Stephanie Borden's heart.


Sean lived in France for two years where he studied the language and was an apprentice to a prestigious French baker.


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Sean is a highly intellectual young man with a sharp wit, impeccable humor, and strong sense of confidence. He knows what he's capable of and isn't afraid to say it, speak his mind, and counter points with students. He isn't afraid to try new things, nor does he back down from a challenge. While he is mature in some aspects of his life, in others, his twenty-something age is apparent in his idea of a casual date or his remarks to others.

Physical Appearance[]

Sean is an attractive young man in his late twenties or early thirties with shaggy brown hair, light almond-shaped brown eyes, and a wide smile. He dresses casually.


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