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Premiere Date April 17, 2016
Finale Date June 19, 2016
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Season 2 of Good Witch premiered on April 17, 2016, on the Hallmark channel in the United States and concluded on June 19, 2016.


Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam (James Denton) put romance on the back burner as Sam resolves his family situation and Cassie decides if she's ready to take things to the next level. A complication arises with the arrival in Middleton of John, an old archaeologist friend of Cassie's, who is clearly interested in more than just friendship. Meanwhile, Grace (Bailee Madison) wants nothing to do with her magic as she struggles with feeling different from her peers. Cassie guides her daughter through this rough time and encourages Grace to embrace her gifts. When Sam's not busy navigating the convoluted family life created by his pushy ex-wife, the swoon-inducing doctor has his hands full with his burgeoning medical practice and over-sharing front office assistant Eve. Meanwhile, Middleton's indefatigable mayor Martha (Catherine Disher) is still working hard to keep the town humming in true Martha style. But as always, Cassie is at the heart of everything and manages to weave her magic in her own special way, leaving a lasting effect on those around her.




Guest Stars[]


# Episode Writer Director Aired
Good Witch Halloween
October 24, 2015
With Halloween fast approaching, Cassie and the town of Middleton are hard at work preparing for the annual Harvest Festival. This year, Cassie is transforming Grey House into a delightful haunted house, and when a handsome stranger checks in, the family suddenly find themselves on edge.
Second Time Around
Sue Tenney
Craig Pryce
April 17, 2016
Second Time Around.jpg
Just as it seems Cassie and Middleton's handsome new doctor Sam seem ready to turn their friendship into something more, Sam's ex-wife Linda threatens to come between them. Grace embarks on that teenage rite of passage - learning to drive - while Cassie continues to work her special brand of magic with a seemingly perfect couple staying at Grey House as well as with a new hire in Bell, Book & Candle.
Sue Tenney
Cal Coons
April 24, 2016
While Cassie catches up with John, an old friend from her college days, Linda is busy interjecting herself into Sam and Nick's life. Cassie's new "magical" help wanted sign for the Bell, Book & Candle attracts Ben's sister, Sarah. Cassie gives Sarah a job and a much-needed boost of confidence while helping her see her hidden talents. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be-married Beth and Larry, with Cassie's help, find a way to really communicate for the first time.
Out of The Past
Sue Tenney
Cal Coons
May 1, 2016
Out of the Past.jpg
Ryan's return to Middleton takes everyone aback - especially Cassie, who quickly discovers he is there to settle more than just the recent sale of his house. Brandon and Tara wind up babysitting Derek's nephew, and in the process learn taking care of a child might be more of a challenge than they thought.
The Trouble with Love
Amy Palmer Robertson & Jed Seidel
Cal Coons
May 8, 2016
The Trouble with Love.jpg
Cassie can’t help but feel upset after Grace admits she’s been spending more time with Sam to replace the hurt she feels from the loss of her own late father. As Sam steps up to help Grace heal her heart, Cassie sees just how much he cares, even while her old friend John reveals romantic intentions. And as Cassie gives Abigail a little help to get her flower business back on track, a little magic also helps an upset Linda make a tough decision to do what’s right for her family.
Surprise Me
Amy Palmer Robertson
Don McCutcheon
May 15, 2016
Surprise Me.jpg
It’s Cassie’s turn to be charmed when both Sam and John plan adventurous dates that will surprise the enchanting good witch – and keep her spellbound by her own conflicted feelings. Meanwhile, Grace excels as she excitedly begins her medical internship at Sam’s office, but with unintended consequences, and a new high-maintenance guest at the Grey House proves to be even more difficult than Cassie could predict.
Sue Tenney & Jackson Rock
Don McCutcheon
May 22, 2016
After a great date with Sam, Cassie feels spellbound by their connection, even as John continues to vie for her attention when he enlists her help for an exciting new project. With a little magical intuition, Grace sets out to fix something she accidentally broke at Sam’s office, while Cassie’s deceptive Grey House guest Alexis is given a second chance to make things right. And as Sam weighs a new job offer against his reluctance to let Nick study abroad, the enchanting good witch sets out to prove the occasional leap of faith could be worth the risk.
What's Your Secret?
Amy Palmer Robertson
Laurie Lynd
May 29, 2016
Whats Your Secret.jpg
Magic is in store as Cassie decides to plan a surprise anniversary party for Martha and Tom, enlisting the help of her family and friends. As the town attempts to keep the big secret, Sam decides to turn down his new job offer, but a persuasive hotshot from the hospital may have him reconsidering. And as Grace deals with drama at school, Cassie finds her friendship with John continues to lead to the unexpected.
Sue Tenney
Laure Lynd
June 5, 2016
Cassie puts the final touches on Martha and Tom’s surprise party, as she makes a magical move to help Sam decide about his future with the hospital. Grace meets a new friend at school, who helps her charm Nick to reconsider his trip to London, while Abigail starts a rumor that will put Cassie’s love life in the spotlight. And as the whole town comes together to celebrate their Mayor’s marriage, Cassie receives an offer from John that will put her future in Middleton in question.
A Perfect Match
Amy Palmer Robertson
Craig Pryce
June 12, 2016
A Perfect Match.jpg
As Cassie considers John’s adventurous job offer, sparks fly between the good witch and Sam, prompting them to take a step forward in their relationship. As Grace attempts to use her special intuition to push Nick to make a decision about London, Cassie uses her own magical instincts to help Stephanie discover Ben’s true intentions, while giving Tara a much-needed new start. Then, the upcoming Middleton Lights Festival promises to give Cassie and Sam a chance to let their romance shine—but is the good witch ready?
A Perfect Match, Part 2
Sue Tenney (Story)
Sue Tenney & Jackson Rock (Teleplay)
Craig Pryce
June 19, 2016
A Perfect Match-Part2.jpg
In the spellbinding Season 2 Finale, as Cassie makes a final decision about joining John on the Maldives dig, a dispute between Nick and Grace causes the enchantress to second-guess her new romance with Sam. But while Cassie weighs what her future holds, she’ll make sure to put her own magical mark on the Middleton Lights Festival, even as Abigail conjures up a surprising plan to bring the whole town together to make the event sparkle.

Notes and Trivia[]

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