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Season 4
Season 4 Episodes 10
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Premiere Date April 28, 2018
Finale Date July 1, 2018
Slogan There's a little magic in everyone...
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Season 4 of Hallmark channel's Good Witch was announced shortly after its predecessor season finished airing.[1] The season premiered on April 28, 2018, with the finale airing July 1, 2018.


Celebrating 10-years of "Good Witch". Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) and Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton) plan their wedding while helping Grace (Bailee Madison) and Nick mend their friendship before they blend their families. Cassie continues to impact the lives of her guests at Grey House and works her special brand of magic with those closest to her as well.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

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# Episode Writer Director Aired
Good Witch: Spellbound
Dean Batali, Ron Osborn, & Jeff Reno
October 22, 2017
Cassie discovers an old photograph of former Middleton resident Cotton Perriwood, along with muslin sheets bearing the cryptic Perriwood prophecy. A mysterious stranger arrives just as bizarre events begin to occur in town as foretold in the prophecy. The fear that the curse Perriwood vowed as revenge for being driven out of town and kept from his true love is coming to life. At Cassie's party at Grey House on Halloween night, the last of the bizarre events occur as predicted. Grace searches for the missing final page of the Perriwood prophecy and Cassie must interpret the clues to figure out how to stop the curse and, along the way, discovers the future isn't always written exactly as it seems.
With This Ring
Dean Batali
Andy Mikita
April 29, 2018
With This Ring.jpg
Cassie gives those around her pieces of jewelry that magically turn out to be just what each of them needed. Meanwhile, Sam is on a quest for the perfect engagement ring for Cassie and his search uncovers a surprising piece of Merriwick history. Meanwhile, in her endeavor to increase Middleton's appeal, Mayor Martha is on a mission to find a new place she can declare as the most romantic in town and is led to an unexpected destination.
In 4/4, With Emotion
Skander Halim
Andy Mikita
May 6, 2018
In 4-4 With Emotion.jpg
An unpublished song written by a past guest at Grey House magically spreads throughout the town, heightening the emotions of those who hear it. Affecting each in a different way, Cassie and Sam are forced to learn how to communicate about their future together.
Daddy's Home
Anthony Epling & Amy Van Curen
Fred Gerber
May 13, 2018
Daddy's Home.jpg
Abigail's father comes to Middleton in hopes of making amends. Cassie helps an expecting couple accept how different their lives, and family, will be once the baby comes. Grace is forced to think about her future and what path she'll follow as she realizes her affinity for math might not be a passion.
Family Time
Dean Batali
Fred Gerber
May 20, 2018
Family Time.jpg
Cassie and Sam bring Grace and Nick for an overnight at the lake house, hoping time together will help the soon-to-be family bond. Many distractions get in the way of family bonding, but when Nick is in trouble, Grace is reminded of the importance of standing by family. While Cassie is away, Abigail meddles in the love lives of visitors to Grey House, quickly realizing that Cassie's knack of making it a magical place is much harder than it seems. Meanwhile, Martha ponders a mysterious box at Bell, Book & Candle before a visitor in town reveals its surprising meaning.
Written Like a Merriwick
Donna Thorland
T.W. Peacocke
May 27, 2018
Written Like a Merriwick.jpg
Cassie and Sam work together to uncover the root of a mysterious medical one of Cassie's customers' encounters, combining Cassie's natural remedies and enchanting instincts with Sam’s scientific studies. Grace gets creative writing inspiration from her ancestor Elizabeth Merriwick's belongings but grows concerned that this gave her an unfair advantage when Martha gives Grace a college interview instead of her friend. Cassie helps a mother and daughter staying at Grey House recreate a photo from a past stay. Meanwhile, Stephanie tries to track down a customer who left her bistro a bad review, which leads to a surprising culprit.
Match Game
Sue Tenney
T.W. Peacocke
June 3, 2018
Match Game.jpg
Cassie discovers that two people in Middleton are perfect matches through a Grey House guest who is creating a dating app. With Sam's help, she works to uncover their identities to bring them together. While working on the school dance, Grace struggles to balance her planning obligations with her relationship and risks losing Noah. Meanwhile, Abigail feels a connection with the app creator, but their chemistry is thwarted when he accuses her of stealing his idea. When she receives a clue from Martha, Abigail must find the real culprit, clear her name — and maybe even reignite their spark.
Til Death Do Us Part
Dean Batali
Martin Wood
June 10, 2018
Til Death Do Us Part.jpg
Cassie tries to protect Sam with a good luck charm when he goes to South America during a treacherous storm but still worries about losing him. Sam indeed faces danger while providing medical help, but feels like Cassie is watching over him while he's away. While working on the town's website, Grace discovers a discrepancy in Martha's esteemed family history and investigates to discover the surprising truth. Abigail shows a long-term Grey House visitor around Middleton, and as their romance blooms, he considers moving to town. As she waits for Sam to return, Cassie helps Nick focus on his future, and encourages him to finally fill out his college applications.
All Dressed Up
Nicole Demerse
Martin Wood
June 17, 2018
All Dressed Up.jpg
Cassie tries to track down a long-lost wedding dress that once belonged to Elizabeth Merriwick, while Sam works on the (growing) guest list for their rapidly approaching wedding. Grace plans to make a long-distance relationship work after Noah is accepted to college in New York, but when she starts sacrificing major events in her life - including prom - she comes to realize that their relationship may change after graduation. Meanwhile, Abigail speeds along a building permitting process with Martha in hopes that the new man in her life will move his business to Middleton.
How to Make a Middleton Quilt
Zoila Amelia Galeano & Bill Fuller
Rich Newey
June 24, 2018
How to Make a Middleton Quilt.jpg
The women of Middleton make Cassie and Sam a wish quilt for their wedding, which, according to legend, grants wishes for anyone who contributes a square. When wishes start coming true, Sam suspects Cassie might be the magical force behind it. Grace hosts a bachelorette party for Cassie, while Martha promises to find Cassie’s wedding day "somethings". Proving wishes really do come true, Cassie gets an unexpected surprise at her bachelorette party. Meanwhile, Abigail looks for a house that she can officially call home in Middleton.
Tossing the Bouquet
Dean Batali
Rich Newey
July 1, 2018
Tossing the Bouquet.jpg
Cassie and Sam's wedding is just days away, but that doesn't stop Cassie from a little magic meddling to help her friends. Sam adjusts to the difference between his quiet home and the bustling B&B when he begins moving into Grey House. Grace and Nick prepare their wedding toasts and compete to see who can write the best one. Meanwhile, Abigail gets more than she bargains for when she joins the city council, only to find Martha unexpectedly removed from office. On her wedding day, Cassie hatches the type of magical plan that only she could create.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Season 4 marked ten-years since "The Good Witch" movie premiered. Therefore, Season 4 marks the tenth anniversary of The Good Witch franchise.
  • Season 4 of Good Witch was added to Netflix in July, giving binge-watchers a chance to view the season in its full.[2]
  • The ratings for Season 4 made it the second-most viewed scripted show on Hallmark Channel, after When Calls the Heart.