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Premiere Date June 9, 2019[1]
Finale Date August 18, 2019[2]
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Season 5 of Good Witch was announced by Hallmark on July 26, 2018.[3] The renewal came a few weeks after the Season 4 finale episode. The season premiered on June 9 and 10, 2019, in a special two-night episode event.


Love is in the air when season five begins with Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam’s (James Denton) much-anticipated wedding, bringing their two families together under one roof to face new challenges as a blended family. Grace (Bailee Madison) and Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) are in their senior year of high school, which isn’t without some bumps in the road as they deal with the uncertainty of life after graduation. Abigail (Sarah Power), Middleton's new mayor, plays political hardball with her charismatic Blairsville counterpart (Marc Bendavid). Their attraction is undeniable but an ancient curse threatens their budding romance. Stephanie (Kylee Evans) invests in a food truck to expand her business and, in the process, finds herself in a love triangle with the charming, new hospital chaplain (Scott Cavalheiro) and Cassie's adventurous foster brother (Gianpaolo Venuta). Meanwhile, with Martha (Catherine Disher) unseated as mayor due to a property line snafu, she's drawn to a new career that's right up her alley: hosting a local TV talk show. When the chance discovery of the town's original charter reveals a centuries-old map, the hunt for a fabled, long-lost treasure ensues. If found, it could have momentous implications for the future of this not-so-quiet little town.


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# Episode Writer Director Aired
Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts
Darin Goldberg
Michael Kennedy
October 21, 2018
Cassie's precious family heirloom, a red ruby known as The Heart of Middleton, goes missing from the History of Halloween in Middleton museum exhibit just in time for the anniversary festival.
The Forever Tree: Part 1
Vincent Pagano
TW Peacocke
June 9, 2019
501 Promo2.jpg
As Cassie and Sam’s wedding approaches, Sam looks for the tree Cassie’s ancestor was married under as a wedding surprise for his bride. Grace is troubled when wedding-related hiccups keep occurring, and Sam is skeptical when Cassie’s world-traveling foster brother visits. Nick finds sudden inspiration to focus on his future when he meets a new girl. Abigail opens up to the idea of handing her mayor responsibilities over to Martha, but a handsome stranger puts a wrench in her plans. Meanwhile, Stephanie finds herself smitten by a hospital chaplain.
The Forever Tree: Part 2
Darin Goldberg
June 10, 2019
502 Promo3.jpg
As Middleton prepares for the most enchanting event of the season, Sam receives some magical help from Grace in finding the Forever Tree. However, the wedding brings up complex emotions for Grace, who becomes nostalgic for her late father. Meanwhile, Cassie worries her foster brother will let her down and miss the nuptials. Abigail steps up into her mayor duties and makes a surprising ally, while Martha finds a new passion for television. Meanwhile, Nick takes a step toward finding his future calling, and Stephanie faces an unexpected reaction when she confesses her feelings for the hospital’s chaplain.
The Honeymoon
Roger Grant
Stefan Scaini
June 16, 2019
While honeymooning, Cassie and Sam try to help a new friend they made reconcile with her brother. Grace attempts to speed up time after a painful break up with her long-distance boyfriend. Sparks fly when Abigail joins forces with the mayor of Blairsville for a charity event. Martha freezes at her television audition but turns up her undeniable charm to win the part. Stephanie also turns on the charm when she finds herself torn between two suitors. Meanwhile, Nick ghost hunts at Grey House with an old friend but suspects his friend is in search of more than paranormal activity.
The Prince
Erinne Dobson
June 23, 2019
Cassie hosts royalty at Grey House and the visiting prince hides a shocking secret. Sam gets a visit from an old friend in need of his medical expertise but soon discovers that his cure may lie in Cassie’s intuition. Grace starts an internship for Martha at City Hall and faces fierce competition from a fellow intern. Their competition benefits Abigail, who needs all the help she can get when the rival mayor’s family tries to build on a Middleton landmark. Meanwhile, Martha prepares for the first episode of her television show, and Stephanie considers her romantic options.
The Tea
Jesenia Ruiz & Carlee Malemute
Steve DiMarco
June 30, 2019
Cassie uses her enchanting powers — and some special tea — to help Abigail open up to Donovan. Mayor Martha critiques an artist painting her portrait. Sam's new resident needs a lesson in bedside manner. Grace is disappointed after being rejected by her top college choice, while Nick's confidence wavers after his acceptance.
The Road Trip
Roger Grant
Steve DiMarco
July 7, 2019
Taking a road trip, Cassie and Grace visit a college that Grace is considering and where Cassie is receiving an honor. Grace connects with her weekend host who’s homesick, while Cassie reconnects with her college friend, Willow. Wanting to take a break from her fastmoving relationship with Donovan, Abigail tags along last minute. Left to watch Grey House, Sam tries to channel Cassie when helping his father-son guests to communicate better. Meanwhile, Martha switches to a hard-hitting gossip format to improve her TV show’s struggling ratings, and Stephanie and Adam have a date.
The Grey-Cation
Cole Bastedo
Craig David Wallace
July 28, 2019
Cassie and Sam welcome very special vacationers to Grey House: Martha and her husband! Seeing how connected the Tinsdales are, though, highlights how much the newlyweds still have to learn about one another. Grace goes out with her fellow intern, unaware of her date’s ulterior motives. Abigail meets Donovan’s mother, who believes an old curse should keep Abigail and Donovan apart. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s budding relationship with Adam is challenged when his ex-fiancé visits and Nick tries to support his friend who suffered an injury.
The Treasure
Cole Bastedo
Craig David Wallace
August 3, 2019
Cassie encourages Sam to keep his eyes open for mysteries to unlock, just as Martha unearths a long-lost town charter with a hidden treasure map. Vincent heads out in search of the treasure, leading to an unexpected competition with another treasure seeker. Grace is hurt when she learns that Luke had been spying on Abigail for his aunt – Donovan’s mother, Dotty. Abigail continues to spar with her until a crisis makes her reassess her relationship with Donovan. Meanwhile, Adam helps Stephanie with the launch of her food truck.
The Comet
Vincent Pagano
Martin Wood
August 11, 2019
Middleton prepares to make wishes on Posner’s Comet, but Cassie worries that a wish won’t control big changes ahead, specifically when Sam is offered a dream job across the country. Grace prepares for her valedictorian speech, while Nick becomes unexpectedly nostalgic as high school concludes. Abigail plans a trip to Europe to forget about her breakup with Donovan, while Donovan tries to disprove the power of curses and win her back. Meanwhile, Martha struggles to make amends with her nemesis, and Stephanie and Adam are overwhelmed when their food truck is an instant sensation.
The Graduation
Darin Goldberg
Martin Wood
August 18, 2019
510 Still18.jpg
Cassie and Sam prepare to send Grace and Nick away to college, joined by Nick’s mom, who worries about his cross-country move to college. Grace spends her last days in Middleton helping a designer make a dress, and uncovering her true passion in the process. Stephanie and Adam balance a busy workload and their relationship. Abigail struggles to respond when Donovan shares his feelings for her, unsure if a curse may be to blame. Meanwhile, Sam and Martha continue the hunt for the Middleton treasure, leading to an unexpected discovery.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Season 5 marks eleven-years of Good Witch.
  • The release date for the show was conflicting, as Catherine Bell initially stated that the season would air in May. However, her recent Instagram bio had the release date for April.
    • In January of 2019, the official Pinterest board for the series listed Spring 2019 as a time frame for release. No specific date was listed.[8] Hallmark continued to say Spring when wishing James Denton a happy birthday.[9]
    • The official release date for the season was given on February 9, 2019, while the cast of Good Witch was attending the Television Critics Association Winter Tour. The release date was set for May 5, 2019.[10]
      • A delayed release of a two-episode special of "When Calls the Heart" was announced to be airing on May 5th and 6th, which conflicted with the Good Witch Season 5 premiere episode. Because of this, Season 5 of Good Witch was pushed back to June 9, 2019, with a two-day back-to-back episode special.[11]
  • Season 5 air episodes consecutively until July 6, when the show took two-week hiatus. The rest of Season 5 aired from July 28 to August 18.[12]
  • Darin Goldberg became the new showrunner for Season 5 and onward.
  • Rhys Matthew Bond, who portrays Nick Radford was moved to a main cast member for the season. This means that he could be featured in a new opening sequence.
  • Filming and production for the season started in August of 2018.
  • Catherine Bell and James Denton were filming in an underground tunnel on December 10, 2018.
  • Production for the season wrapped on December 14, 2018.
  • The cast teased several grand ensemble moments that included:
    • A graduation episode that marks Grace and Nick's graduation from Middleton high school.
    • Cassie and Sam's wedding scene and reception.
  • This is the first season not to begin with Martha as the Mayor of Middleton.
  • A new Mayor of Blairsville was introduced, suggesting that Darryl Blankenship may have resigned or been voted out of office. The new mayor is Donovan Davenport.
  • Stephanie, Abigail, Nick, and Grace all have new love interests this season.
  • The 200th anniversary of Middleton was celebrated this season.
  • This is Bailee Madison's final season as a series regular.
  • Season 5 is the only season in which every episode title begins with "The".
  • On September 24, 2019, Hallmark released Season 5 on DVD.[13]
  • As of October 2019, Season 5 can be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime.
  • On May 2, 2020, Season 5 was available to stream on Netflix.