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The Merriwick Mystery is the focal point of the seventh season of Good Witch. Three purple bags appeared to Cassie Nightingale, Abigail Pershing, and Joy Harper on the same day. These bags contained clumps of dirt which, when emptied, formed a Tree of Life symbol. The many twists and turns of the mystery involving the bag and everything surrounding it, pushes the three cousins to dig deeper into both their shared and personal history.



Arrival and Symbol Discovery[]

610 Purple Bags.jpg

After Abigail's engagement, she returned to Grey House where she discovered that her cousins Joy Harper and Cassie Nightingale had received identical purple satchels to hers. Cassie's had appeared on the counter at Bell, Book & Candle, Abigail's at her flower shop, and Joy's in her room. Shortly after the discovery of the bags, Joy left Middleton to pursue a contracting job in Vermont. The job fell through and she returned to Middleton two months later, where the mystery of the purple bags remained unsolved. The cousins decide to empty the pouches to see what happens, and are surprised when it forms the shape of a Tree of Life. This is increasingly interesting to Joy, who made a similar symbol out of rocks in the sand of an island as a child. Cassie and Sam found the symbol while stranded from their ship after the motor malfunctioned. Cassie heard a slight singing that led her to the symbol. The song was similar to the one Joy hummed as a child while building the symbol. The Merriwick women gathered over the symbol at Grey House, and moments later, George O'Hanrahan appears behind the cousins to tell them he has some explaining to do.

George's Confession[]

701 Tree of Life.png

George confesses to the three cousins that he knew their great-grandmother Laurel Merriwick when he was seventeen. They grew quite close to one another as he did yard work for her and repainted her gazebo. She made him promise to keep three purple satchels safe for her, and only give it to her three great-granddaughters on the night of a red halo moon. The three women had to be together, and George's plans to tell them everything was derailed when Joy left for Vermont. Now that Joy is back, he could tell them the truth. He warns that the upcoming red halo moon is the first one since 1913. Abigail is confused as to why Laurel left them dirt from the backyard. George explains that he was told the dirt came from the original Merriwick farm in England, but didn't know anything else about the mystery. He also said the symbol is the Tree of Life, as it symbolizes the Merriwick family's strength and strong roots.

Joy's Dreams and Her Father[]

Cassie takes Joy and Abigail to the island where she found the stone symbol, which is the same one Joy made in the sand as a child. Joy reveals the day she made the symbol was the last time that she, her mom, and her dad were together. Her father found a shell near the water with a unique marking that appeared to be a J that she thought stood for Joy. She isn't sure why she drew the symbol or that she was even doing it, she just placed random rocks onto the sand. She also isn't sure where the shell her father gave her is. Her dream only covers her making the symbol, singing, her father gifting her the shell, and them hugging while Julia watched. She isn't sure why drew that particular symbol, or what happened to a shell her dad found with a unique marking on it. Joy begins to suspect something is wrong when her dream doesn't progress as it should, instead ending at the same place as before - with her father giving her the shell. After a restless night, Joy believes she's figured out what the symbol means - protection. But she isn't sure what they need protection from. She seeks help from an unlikely source in Martha Tinsdale, who gives her a dream pillow made of Mugwort, catnip, and lavender. During the Middleton Exchange, Joy receives runes that may hold the key to the next chapter in the mystery.

Martha's famed dream pillow works in pulling Joy further into her dream. This time, she sees her father give her the shell but then her mother gives him a Tree of Life necklace before sending him away. She tells her cousins of the dream, and Cassie believes the necklace may have been an amulet used to protect Joy's father, Philip. This solidifies Abigail's desire to find Philip. She believes the champagne glasses she received in the Middleton Exchange are a sign to visit the hotel they're from. Cassie is wary of the adventure so they roll the runes, all of which land face-up. They learn that the only one missing is the one called joy. The trio head to a hotel where they hope to find Joy's father, but she begins to see his face everywhere and hears Abigail's voice in her mind. As things unravel, Joy finds her father working as a bellhop but he has no recollection of her. The three cousins head to their rooms, where they speak on the first times they felt a strong intuition. Joy's was when she made the symbol in the sand.

Abigail confronts Philip and he admits that he woke up one morning at the age of 27 with no memory of what happened before then. She reunites Philip and Joy, using the runes to jog his memory. Philip, no longer an amnesiac, reveals that his wife Julia knew something terrible would happen and she was never wrong when it came to her intuition. To protect Philip, she sent him away with the amulet, which she said was a family heirloom that would protect him. She had him drink a special tea that stripped his memories, for it was the only way he would leave and stay gone. He hid the amulet in a tree and agreed to take the cousins to it. Unfortunately, the tree was taken down years ago in place of a movie theater. Unsure what to do now, the cousins return to Grey House where Cassie recommends another rune reading. Joy pulls the rune for water, Abigail pulls gift, while Cassie pulls protection. They know that protection means the amulet, but the other two are unclear. Joy wishes she could understand it all, which gives Cassie an idea to use the famed Middleton wishing well.

Learning about the Second Amulet[]

706 Joy Cassie Amulet Portrait.png

The Merriwick women travel to the Wishing Well where discover that the bucket once used for the well has caught some coins and kept the wishes they held from coming true. They empty out the bucket to free the trapped wishes. As everyone's wishes begin to come true, the Merriwicks rally together to further investigate the amulets and purple bags. As they talk, the Tableau painting falls from its hook. Upon further inspection, they realize there is a painting behind the tableau painting. Joy and Cassie peel the tableau back to reveal two women, who Abigail points out resemble Joy and Cassie, both wearing a tree of life amulet. Joy remarks that her wish came true and that a second amulet is out there somewhere. The women in the painting are later identified as Patience and Fortune Merriwick. Joy's dreams become intrusive with images that she places on a vision board. One of the images is sun tan lotion with SPF 100, which confuses both Joy and Cassie until they realize the symbol stands for protection.

707 Joy Vision Board.png

They have to find the second amulet, though a bare space on Joy's vision board leaves them without a clue. As the women head down different avenues, they each encounter a hope chest which they recognize from the painting, as Patience and Fortune were sitting on one in the painting. Joy and Abigail open the hope chest that is stored in the attic to find wilted flowers and a love letter to Patience from William Spry. The women assume that when they ran off together, they took the amulet with them. Joy is visited by her date Zoey Taylor who gifts her a photograph of the two together on their first date. Joy adds it to her vision board, and it takes the final slot. Zoey notes that Joy has a different perspective of the board which is why she likes her. When Zoey leaves, Cassie notes that from this perspective the vision board is even more confusion. Joy opts to try a different one and holds the board up to the light. As the light shines through the papers, a foreboding warning spells out, "beware the zenith of the red haloed moon".

708 Scrying2.png

Cassie is struck with inspiration and decides to lay out a blue print of Grey House from when she restored the home many years ago. She uses a rock that George had received in the Middleton exchange and ties it to a piece of string. The cousins and George gather around the blueprint and place a candle on each corner. Together, the cousins use their magic to light the candles as Cassie begins to scry for the amulet. She hopes it will point them to it since the red haloed moon is their adversary. Unfortunately, the rock rests on the blank section of the blueprints. Cassie and the cousins realize with a heavy heart that Patience must have taken the amulet with her when she left Middleton. The next night, they learn that the Merriwick plant has been wilting ever since the moon began to turn red. Abigail realizes this is why the Merriwick women themselves are fading, and once the moon reaches its crux, their magic will fade away permanently.

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