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Tom Tinsdale is a character that appeared throughout The Good Witch film series and the Good Witch television series. Tom is the former mayor of Middleton and the husband of Martha.


Tom was born and raised in Middleton. He met Martha Endicott when they were rather young, and they decided to marry. He and Martha had two sons, Michael and Dylan. Tom eventually ran for Mayor of Middleton and was elected and ran unopposed for a few years. He and Martha quickly became the heart of the town.

Throughout Franchise[]


TV Series[]


Tom is refined, wise, and protective, with a very polite attitude. Initially, he is rigid and cares about his image and the image of the town. As he evolved under the impact of Cassie and the town, he became open to everyone. He began to care less about what other people thought of him and keeping up his Mayoral-image. This often caused him to butt heads with his wife, Martha, as she is very image-oriented. After resigning as Mayor, Tom became increasingly more relaxed.

Physical Appearance[]

Tom is tall and is normally seen wearing suits or business-professional outfits. He has white-grey hair and green-gray eyes.


Notes and Trivia[]