Tossing the Bouquet
Season 4, Episode 10
Tossing the Bouquet
Air Date July 1, 2018
Written by Dean Batali
Directed by Rich Newey
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The Heart of Middleton: Part 1

Tossing the Bouquet is the tenth episode and season finale of Season 4 of Good Witch on Hallmark Channel.


Cassie and Sam's wedding is just days away, but that doesn't stop Cassie from a little magic meddling to help her friends. Sam adjusts to the difference between his quiet home and the bustling B&B when he begins moving into Grey House. Grace and Nick prepare their wedding toasts and compete to see who can write the best one. Meanwhile, Abigail gets more than she bargains for when she joins the city council, only to find Martha unexpectedly removed from office. On her wedding day, Cassie hatches the type of magical plan that only she could create.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Sebastian Pigott as Phil Sturgis
  • Seann Gallagher as Liam
  • Randal Edwards as Jarod
  • Carlos Pinder as Supervisor
  • Liam MacDonald as Dominic
  • Cody Black as Gavin
  • Paul De La Rosa as Homeowner
  • Trenna Keating as Realtor
  • Keilah Griffiths as Server
  • Sebastian MacLean as Marine Leader
  • Laura Siracusa as Wedding Guest

Notes and Trivia

  • Cassie and Sam give their wedding day away to a young woman, and her recently deployed fiance, who wouldn't have been able to get married for months or even years.
  • Cassie decides that Halloween is the perfect date for her and Sam's wedding.
  • Martha is abruptly removed from office after learning she isn't a resident of Middleton, and the duty of Mayor is bestowed onto Abigail Pershing.