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Vincent is a recurring character in the Good Witch television series. He is portrayed by Gianpaolo Venuta.

Vincent is the former foster brother of Cassie Nightingale.


Vincent was orphaned as a child and was placed into foster care. He was around eight when he landed in the same foster house as Cassie Nightingale, just as she was about to leave for college. They bonded almost instantly and she gave him an elephant to remember her by. He later snuck the elephant into her suitcase so she would remember him. They lost contact for a while but managed to find their way back after some years.

As an adult, Vincent became a skipper for a boating company. He sailed around the world a few times. His time on the water made it hard for him to keep relationships, including a present relationship with Cassie. He visited Middleton once to meet Cassie's husband, Jake, and their daughter, Grace. He then left for the water again.


In "The Forever Tree: Part 1", Vincent arrived in Middleton for Cassie's wedding to Sam Radford. He hadn't been in Middleton since Grace was very young and her father was still alive. Because of his absence, Sam struggled to trust Vincent, but Cassie asked him to keep an open mind. Sam did, and Vincent proved himself worthy of being trusted. He attended Cassie and Sam's wedding.


Physical Appearance[]


Season 5 (8/10)

Season 7 (3/10)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Vincent had met Jake Russell once after Grace was born.
  • Vincent recognized Prince Henry of Cordonia from his time in Cordonia.
  • He was an investor in The Bistro Café's food truck until he sold his shares.