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Zoey Taylor is a guest character in the Good Witch television series.


Zoey lived in a big city with her girlfriend of five years, Avery, who was also a firefighter. They responded to a five alarm fire where Avery saved a young boy, but she gave him her oxygen instead of keeping it on. She consumed a large amount of smoke and died. Zoey was devastated and struggled to move past Avery and their plans to paint a canoe they built together. Searching for a fresh start, Zoey packed her things and moved to the small town of Middleton, where the most thrilling thing she sees are cats in a tree or toes in a toy.


In The Delivery, firefighter Zoey Taylor was called into action when a contractor gets her hand stuck inside a wall while trying to check the pipes. The pair hit it off immediately, with Joy Harper thanking her profusely for her help. Their paths continued to cross when Joy found Zoey searching for a faucet for her new kitchen. Joy offered to help her install the faucet, and found Zoey interesting due to her mixed interests.


Physical Appearance[]


Season 7 (3/10)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Zoey's relationship with Joy Harper is the first same-sex relationship on both Good Witch and Hallmark. Zoey is also the first, and currently only, woman of color to identify as LGBTQ+ on both the series and network.
  • Her favorite color is yellow, she's allergic to starfish, her star sign is a Scorpio, and her favorite book is Practical Magic.